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Our God is God of Both

Updated on January 26, 2013

The oceans roll in cycled tides

While clouds dance on the wind.

A rain drop falls.

A snow flake glides.

A river runs it's course.

The dessert sands shift slowly.

A sun rise in the east.

A gentle breeze.

A gale force wind.

A raging storm begins.

A being made in His Image,

To fellowship in love.

A payment made.

A gift received.

A man then reconciled.

The God who made creation;

The same God sent His son.

The God of earth.

The God who saves.

Our God is God of Both.


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    • profile image

      mitch alan 6 years ago

      Yes, and recommitting my life to Him...for my self, my kiddos, my writing/ministry and my friends, country and causes close to my heart...

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Very beautiful. You Mitch, like me, appear to have your own personal relationship with God. That is as it should be.

      The Frog