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Our Unique Community Of Hubbers

Updated on September 25, 2014

Hubbers Show Appreciation

Our wonderful community of hubbers here at HubPages are commendable. We support each others endeavors, from those who are newbies to those who are experienced in the writing process. On the left side of this page I am sharing a supportive comment from a new hubber, a comment giving me a feeling of well being. From my perspective, I am sure we have all experienced this. In the past as well as in the present, I appreciated all the comments I received from hubs and forums.

Feedback Which Supports Us

MarieLB Hub Author

"J - R - Fr13m9n What I like most about this site is that I feel that I have joined a community, and there are many community-service minded people here. I am amazed at how readily some respond with warnings, explanations, advice on how to proceed. . . It is very heart-warming and I am finding that my motives for joining are changing. Whereas before I joined because I needed to, now I am here because I want to. It is even more enjoyable when one 'meets' people like J - R - Fr13m9n and get the feeling that one is on the same page, even if only briefly. I have very little experience in writing this style, and I am no match for those who obviously excel here. I have never written journals, in fact my diaries are quite bare, with a few hieroglyphics here and there, that are only intelligible to me. I am wary of pouring my heart out on paper, I guess!

I feel that I have now acquired a lovely group of friends, ones that can easily express themselves and help me with my quest to express myself.

Thank you J - R - Fr13m9n. No doubt I will learn much from your writings."

Author: fill
Author: fill | Source

Organize, Organize And Organize

As I had previously stated we are a family and a community here on this website. Day after day, some of us feel fortunate to have a computer near our fingertips. I know that I feel this way, even though my computer with all its idiosyncrasies, somehow manages and the story comes through. Of course I feel I am not alone when I experience computer difficulties. My fingers, with their closely clipped buffed nails, hammers out words, sentences, and paragraphs oozing from my housed in an old school building brain. When a writer feels blocked, in other words, a situation arises when she or he cannot think of another word, sentence, or any other way to state their story, I can understand. Feeling blocked is a universal feeling. There are ways of overcoming this. Some if not all hubbers have thought through what they have to say next, if what they say comes to them by way of imagination and thought organizing. As I am typing this hub, I was able to clean out, go through papers, and reorganize the desk drawers.

Playing Our Tune


Muse Your Tune

In the previous paragraph, I did emphasize taking a "break" and do some other activity. Whatever we do in life, our life itself needs a break. Does that sound "groovy" to you? Now this author will permit herself to open that old school building door and let that creative specter out to haunt this writers' website. These computer keys housed on the keyboard play notes to a tune that writers, whether newbies or experienced, can attune themselves to and enjoy. This musical score includes sharps and flats. What key shall this melody play? It can vary. The musician residing in one's head shall make the selection.

What A Hubber And Commentator Accomplishes

What a hubber and commentator accomplishes is the following:

  • A sense of sharing one's opinion and constructive criticism
  • An outlet to organize one's thoughts and type them on this website
  • A sense of connecting with another hubber
  • Some may experience a feeling of accomplishment
  • If enough comments are expressed, then the commentator may receive an accolade

Author: Ray Miller
Author: Ray Miller | Source

Reflect And Flow

The HubPages Community is a family indeed. To those who are reading this passage, do you or do you not agree to my statement? We writers possess different styles as well as different opinions. Our hubs can be of a technical nature, a how to nature, or a fictional nature. Those three things I have mentioned set the tone of our hub. Each and every hub mirrors the nature of the individual writer. Do you like your image reflecting on the pages of this site and the world wide web? Do others like your reflection in the mirror, or if I have your permission to interject my imagination and surface with: Do others like your reflection in the moving current of the river? Is the undertow strong or calm? Do the rocks hinder you or do they just permit you to splash! Having fun reading these words? Written words are only symbols of our inner thoughts. The current can move the writer as well as the reader downstream, upstream or just to stand still.

The Flow Of Writing



Have you an eye for detail? Seriously do you have an eye for detail? I am not talking about the cat's tail. The focus of this paragraph deals with detail. Detail is important in writing. Curious as a cat when it comes to this subject? I think you are. Proofread what you have written and see if words are spelled correctly and sentences are not cumbersome. If you make a mistake, do not be so hard on yourself. Keep in mind that everyone, including me, makes mishaps. Overall it pays to be detail oriented so readers can view your polished work. It will give you a sense of pride when your grammar and spelling are correct. Last but not least, it looks fabulous in print!

Your Vote Counts

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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 2 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      I would like to thank you for your sincere comments in regards to this hub. Thanks for reading it.

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 2 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Thank you for your warm and sincere response. I appreciate your comments.

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 2 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      many thanks for your warm response.

    • Prabhjot Saini profile image

      Prabhjot 2 years ago from Delhi, India

      Very interesting hub........ You have mentioned everything so nicely.

      Voted up.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very beautiful and awesome hub here. You have mentioned it so beautifully and accurately. Most of us experience this same feeling for being here on hubpages. I find it so close and warm a community.

      Voted up and awesome. Sharing it too.

    • MarieLB profile image

      MarieLB 2 years ago from YAMBA NSW

      I'm back in the saddle and here again, and read your article again. Again I find it interesting and useful to me. Thanks J-R.

    • MarieLB profile image

      MarieLB 3 years ago from YAMBA NSW

      Hi J - R - Fr13m9n. So enjoyed reading your hub, and surprised to see my own words there. I write best when I write straight from my mind, without much conscious thinking. When words come out in a rush like that, the only editing that I do, is grammar and spelling. A fantastic journalistic style interspersed with creative writing. It is great, thanks.

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Thank you for sharing your praise. Yes we are a community as well as a family.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      This is a very good hub especially for newbies to read. It illustrates what a wonderful and supportive community we have here. Well done, voted up.

    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Thank you and have a "just ducky" and wonderful day!

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 3 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      You've changed your avatar, so I didn't recognize you. But, I do recognize you now because of your words. I enjoyed reading this Hub.