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Our War On Drugs

Updated on March 14, 2019

the aftermath of choices

This poem was published in England, but the United States would not allow it's publication here.  It came back to me with the comment--"Questionable Content" on the top of it.  I think that possibly because I wrote it  a short time after our war on terrorism began, and perhaps the thought was that it might bring down the spirit of our fighting boys, and give the public  a bad impression.  But I am just guessing at this.  Maybe some of you can give me your opinions on why this happened.

Our leaders declared a war on drugs, 

the enemy unclear, invisible thugs.

We were never told if it ever ended,

if we had won, or who we defended.

Like every war some prisoners surrendered,

These P.O.W's  were simply mailed back to sender.

This war was about a ten year fight,

and we fought very hard to remove our own rights.

To freely do those things we chose,

Hard to say who won as it drew to a close.

Bring back all our men who had to fight this war,

Back home to their families who need them much more.

For while our armies were out battling the smack,

Their women were at home paying the rent selling crack.    


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  • Highvoltagewriter profile image

    William Benner 

    7 years ago from Savannah GA.

    Interesting poem and it presents a subject that has created much debate. I grew up California and spent my early adult years growing and smuggling pot. Later I lived about five blocks from one of the first "Medical Marijuana" clinics started in San Francisco. Most of the "patients" that were getting pot legally, were selling the weed down on Market street!

    Not only this, but the people who ran the clinic got busted for selling "magic mushrooms" and it was soon shut down! I do not know it has been reopened or not.

  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    9 years ago from Oxnard

    In California where I am, Ventura, we have the stores, and it is all taxed in this state. What is going on now is that our Governor in an attempt to fix our crumbling economy, has finally allow quite a few stores to erupt all over. The prices are not real cheap, but it is legal and taxed. What is happening now around here tho, is that someone tests some of the product for pestacides, and found that there was OVER 100 times the legal limit. So now it is all getting removed from the shelf, and until they find product that passes, we won't have any in any of the stores. It would make a good hub and I am up to date with what is going on here with it, so if I can help you with any research or questions, let me know

  • profile image

    Anywhere Gardener 

    9 years ago

    BTW thank you for your support and comments about my daughter, I will try to be stronger and follow your great advice!

    I wondered if you had seen on TV the show about the small California town that these people had loved and lived their entire lives peacefully by the sea and had no desire to leave but were feeling pressured to have to do just that.

    Apparently the medical marijunia laws brought growers who were growing for non medical purposes in huge quantities to sell and brought their guns and fights, daylight drive by shootings to the community.

    These poor people were not against the plant, some, probably many used it themselves, but they couldn't figure out how to live within a community that brought this violence to their town. The rental houses were being wrecked by those who grew there and then abandoned, bringing down the property values of those actually still living there.

    I'm curious to find out if they were able to figure out a solution and what that might be. I see Portland Oregon now has a couple of Cannabis lounges that the police aren't bothering. My state, Washington has also the medical marijuana law so perhaps we will follow next with the lounges. I think eventually it will not only be decriminilized but taxed, then if the prices go down & everyone can grow their own perhaps the violence will stop? What do you think? Maybe I should do some research and write a hub about it.


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