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Our own paradise

Updated on February 13, 2014

The world we live in is what we make of it, he created us that we will love and be loved. The milky ways we experience is because there are people that cares in our lives.

You are my love, my sunshine

I look up the sky and there are so many stars

But all of there is just one sun

When we fly...

We fly together because we believe

We do thing together because we care

If there is no you, there will be no me

You are my reason

The reason why i breath

I am ready to live for you

I don't care if i die for you

You are my true love

God creates one for one

You are the answer to my prayer

Sitting next to you is my freedom

I will sing for you and I will sing for us

I will fly for you and I will fly for us

We are meant to be

And i will keep you away from harm

I didn't know how it happened and i left you off, then he found you. I was broken and i blamed myself for everything because i was suppose to protect you.

Blame it on me

It was all my fault

The small me

The stupid me

How could i have been so stupid, knowing very well from the start that you were meant for me, i understand the dangers in this world but i let you out and mr danger came by, you sat with him because i failed to honor you

If the hands could turn back

If the time could reverse

I will hit my head on the rock

I will cry for my folly

I was lonely without you, not until you are gone did i realize what you are, i understood that you were my paradise, you were my wings and the force in me.

O! my darling, my dearest

The world is full of harm

But you build your own paradise

God gives us only but one love

There are many distraction out there

But if all the people could be like you

There will be no heart break

If i could be wise like you

I will never cry for a day

Glad we were able to make it and mr danger became the looser

We built our own paradise

It wasn't an easy journey

Life is full of misery

There are unforeseen forces

But with honesty and commitment

Love is built to stand all trial

Your foundation is your trust

The paradise you want is your dream

We built our own paradise

I will keep you away from harm and danger

I will live my life for you and no one else

I don't care if you are perfect or no

But you don't have to be perfect for me

My love for you is enough for us

You don't have to love me back

I am happy the way you are

And you will forever be my paradise

If all the people could be like you

If all the queens will be like you

The kings will forever rule

And there will be no more pains

You have to build your own paradie

In all you do, the love of your life is the most important piece because she is there for a reason, do not allow her to go astray, it is your duty to be committed and to protect her from danger

The paradise we built


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 4 years ago from Biafra

      Thank you Kathy Carr, did appreciate your stooping over!!!

    • Kathy Carr profile image

      Kathy Carr 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      This is so BEAUTIFUL! I love it. Just amazing.