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Poetry of Scars Left Behind

Updated on January 28, 2017

Dark Skys

Giving Away a Piece of Herself Each and Every Day

An empty darkness is rising inside, leaving her lost and alone for nobody to find

Every decision in her life was for the sake of others needs

Her heart screamed out let me help you, I can you will see

Give me your pain and I'll carry it away

I am strong I will survive, so she thought every day

I will feel your pain and swallow your anger

I will fix your problems and give you my prayers

I will protect you with my body and guard you with my mind

Never will you hear me say no.

I am nothing,g if not needed, I will never let go

Years and years of giving and now nothing left inside

With each and every sacrifice she gave away a little more than she could spare

Never once did she put herself before others

Never once did she dare

Giving became her life: regardless of what she would loose

Now withering away with nothing left but sorrow and pain

Her thoughts grow darker and her spirit is broken

Dreaming her whole life about receiving her wings

With no one there and unable to fly, she has found herself crippled and ready to die

Giving has brought great happiness, leaving her empty inside

She is lost and confused with only unanswered questions left behind

Why they never noticed she was giving it all,

Piece by piece they watched as she would fall

Never wanting for anything, never for herself

She sits and she waits as time passes by

All but forgotten in everyone else's eye

The Roads We Travel

How Many Times Must a Man Travel Down the Same Roads Before He Finds His Final Path

A man born into the world with so many roads to navigate

He ventures to the right than to the wrong

He falls into holes and climbs up mountains

He swims the ocean and floats the river

No path for happiness can be found

He triumphs and he fails,

He conquers and he quits

He fights and he surrenders

His path he does not see

He deals with the devil and he prays to the Lord

He walks and he runs

Yet he is no closer to his path

He hides in the darkness

He glows in the sunshine

He loves and he hates

The path is still miles away

He rights all his wrongs

He fights to do right

He forgets who he loves

He loves with all his might

His path is getting closer but still out of reach

He looks to the heavens and follows his feet

He knows the right direction, what a climb it will be

His path has been determined but it will take many more roads to reach

He needs a few more trials, yet his journey has just begun

He listens to the father and learns to have fun

With the Lord in his heart and more lessons on the way

He will travel through this life on this road he must stay

Swirling Storm

Sometimes You Can't Go Home Again

A family not chosen by one's own needs

A family's destruction by evil and greed

Longing for love and attention, yet too blind to see

Your family will never be the salvation that you will seek

You know in your heart that good they will never be

You find yourself leaving and trying to believe

While away your heart lightens and the sun is so bright

The abandoned and lonely heart begins to fight

The family you seek brings you back in the night

Into the darkness and the shadows, even though you know it's not right

You try to make what's so wrong fill a void you know will never go away

Your hope and your heartache suppress the urge to run, run, today

You know they will never come together again

Yet you pray and you pray, please Lord let me walk while I still can

Sometimes you can't go home again, for not all will leave the past where it belongs

Sometimes it's better off that you stay away when it is all wrong

Sometimes your only salvation will be the home in the end

Sometimes your only family will be the angles up high

Sometimes it's not your duty to make sure that everyone fly's

I reckon that more people can already see, not all families will learn to be free

From the pain and the sadness that resides inside

From the past, that tour out their heart and gouged out their eyes

They never will surrender to compassion and love

And you need to walk away before you lose your path to the Lord above


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