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Secrets of Outlaw Donkey Weed Runners

Updated on June 4, 2019
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This Hub is based on researching smuggling practices of outlaw drug runners from the 1970's.

Donkeys Helped Smuggle Weed

Back in the 1970's when Cannabis was illegal in the US. Donkeys helped to drive weed across the country. A highly ingenious method of smuggling while maintaining a low profile. Who wants to sniff around a trailer hauling live donkeys and their manure. The manure also helped to mask the pungent odor of high grade Cannabis.

Donkey's Relax at Home Before a Run.

Donkeys are swapped out daily at designated farms along the route. Two new fresh donkeys for the next day.
Donkeys are swapped out daily at designated farms along the route. Two new fresh donkeys for the next day. | Source

Moving Donkeys from Farm to Farm.

The weed running route is laid out to take two donkeys from farm to farm. The donkeys only ride for the day and then rest at the next farm along the way. The drivers rest overnight at these farms or at a hotel close by. Early the next morning they place two new fresh donkeys into the trailer for another days ride to the next farm some 500 or 600 miles away.

This way the donkeys are not overly taxed and never have to ride longer than one day. The ride is very comfortable for the donkeys as they enjoy every luxury a donkey could want. Plenty of food and water with a comfortable bed of straw to sleep on. Their urine and droppings fall through a grid under the donkey and contained in an area below. This manure trough is designed so that the donkey waste collects in a container well under the straw bed that the donkeys rest on.

Serving two purposes, keeping the bales of weed below hidden and also keeping the donkeys very comfortable. The donkeys are actually more comfortable in the trailer than they may be in a stable because at the farms the manure is only removed manually when needed and other times just covered with more straw so the donkeys do not have to lay in it. In the trailer the manure is well below the surface which is well cushioned by a grid style mat with straw on top.

Transporting Donkeys and Cannabis

Weed hidden in sealed containers within the donkey manure, under the donkey's stable. Concealing the smell from Police Dogs. Who would think to look there?
Weed hidden in sealed containers within the donkey manure, under the donkey's stable. Concealing the smell from Police Dogs. Who would think to look there? | Source

The Donkey Trailer

The temperature of the trailer is also heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, as not to effect the precious cargo of weed hidden below. Giving the donkeys a very comfortable ride for their part of the journey. The ride is slow and easy for them, as not to cause any suspicion for the drivers who dress and play the role of donkey farmers.

These runs are not rushed and are set up to take a good week for safety to the drivers, the cargo and the donkeys. The weed runners can afford to have the best equipment on the market. The cargo below is hydraulically sealed in its container. The manure compartment was emptied with a hydraulic bar that scrapes out all of the manure in one fell sweep. This one is tweaked to also use those same hydraulic bars to seal in the containers holding the hundreds of pounds of weed bales hiding below the surface and surrounded by the smelly manure. This method of running weeds has never been detected by the police, to my knowledge and was used until legalization of the weeds were passed.

Back in the day, this was a well organized and thought out business venture and saw lucrative profits for the people involved. The runners were also actors playing a role and dressing the part. From their speech patterns and the clothes they wore, to their chatting it up with other truckers and farmers on the rode and CB.

There were several pairs of drivers (usually two on each run) who would take turns making the runs. They had to have experience in both farming and working with horses and donkeys. They also had to hold a current truck drivers license for driving the routes. They needed "nerves of steel" and had to remain free from all drug and alcohol use while in transit. They also had to belong to the family or cartel who was funding the run and selling the marijuana when it reached its destination.

The drivers received a partial payment of their pay before setting up the run and received the balance upon delivery. The drivers were always under surveillance of the people funding the run, before, during and after. If they frivolously spent their earnings and drew attention to themselves, they were immediately fired and warned at what would happen if they told anyone about the business. This was a very high profit business secretly run by unscrupulous businessmen from all walks of life. The route ran on many rural roads through many localities where the officials were on the payroll of the cartels. For insurance to protect their precious cargo.

The Cannabis Farm

Cannabis Fields as far as the eye can see.
Cannabis Fields as far as the eye can see. | Source

Marijuana Farm Where the Journey Begins

Once the buds of these plants are harvested and dried they will be ready to be packaged for the long trip over the border and then across the country. The bales of sticky weed are safely hidden inside of sealed metal cases and ready for the road. The donkeys are fed to their hearts delight to help them create as much of the all important manure as possible. Then they are gently loaded onto the horse trailer and ready to make their ride.

Everyone has their role to play. The drivers and the donkeys as the ride from farm to farm across country until they reach the last farm on their route.

After that point the weed was taken in smaller packages and several vehicles to their final destination. Where the it was processed for marketing and sales.

The Stories We Could Tell You

These donkeys know many secrets, but they will never tell.
These donkeys know many secrets, but they will never tell. | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Randy Horizon


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