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Outline For That "Class Letter"

Updated on December 7, 2011

Need some suggestions?....

Short, but sweet does the trick.
Short, but sweet does the trick. | Source

Same ole who, what, when.....?

January especially, but any time of year really, is a great time to reflect for a moment on what older, and older, classmates might like to read about concerning you in the "Class Letter."

You have received one, for sure! But if you haven't, that's a good reason to have another classmate agree to start one! (There's your first tip already!)

These days that eventual Newsletter can have photos so easily that, if you dare, adding your own smiling visage of yesteryear and yesterday might make your own contribution stand out a little, and remind people who you were "back then" so they can take a greater interest in who you have become.

Everyone puts in,"significant other "offspring," "travels" "professional notes," etc., but here are some other likely essentials and comments:

Address: your own, if classmate guests and their hungry spouse/children/grandchildren are welcome;

Email address: if they aren't always welcome, except by invitation and with prior notice;

Future Travel Plans: so one or more classmates might, just might, possibly invite you to stop by;

Web address: looks like drumming up business, but if you need business give it a shot;

Blog address:: include it if life is really that exciting and you can't bear not to share even more, including all those photos;

Reunions: comment not only on the last and the next regular ones, but any mini-reunions of folks nearby who might be coming or want to come to one;

Sadnesses:: but keep them brief; classmates who want to console can use that email address you enclosed, and the chances are good that many classmates need only to know you cared;

Successes:: but keep those brief, too; too much, too long, is just boasting plain and simple;

Reminiscences: wax stronger on this one, as folks like to be reminded of memories they share, especially the ones every (well almost every) classmate laughed about/cheered about/wept about/or even gloated over....the game when we won the ...., etc.

One last tip If you were everyone's favorite co-ed and have married into a new last name, be sure to include your maiden name for recognition purposes. If, however, you presently want to marry into a new last name, it might not be such a bad idea to include your permanent (until then) address after all!

(c) 2011 Demas W. Jasper

The "Class Letter"....

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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I just received my "Please contribute to the Class Letter" letter today. Here are my own tips as to what you might include, and it's not a bad outline for a letter to an old friend you haven't written to for years, but should.