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Our Way is Awesome

Updated on February 15, 2020
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


Our Steps we Watch

How things begin and end ? How we all comeback !

Sometime we come not to an end but to take a break.

Through the mirrors, we can see all stupor and lies,

We enter into the sky and kiss the dark clouds close.

Life is not the breathing alone and coming and going,

Eyes may sometimes see no more ; legs no moving.

Our strength and will are strong and wishes go undying,

We want to move ceaseless beyond all limits eternal.

Life takes us by our hands out in the world so dearly,

Out of our stasis, she always wakes us up so timely.

Wonder if we want to venture out at all out of darkness!

Only hurdle is to accept the self with love and be blessed.

The moment when a bird'll fly away- who knows well ?

Gone the moment, gone the bird and gone the flight.

We want to run fast; dive so insane into a whirlpool,

Never to stop and reflect on the ways crying so loud.

How passionately we go to sleep! we don't want to rise,

Open eyes and dream's gone, our sleep also has gone.

We act in the film, the screen and the script given to us,

Who is moved ? who moves on ? when to begin and to end ?

We sit in silence; we think no further ; we seek no shelter;

How wonder comes and goes ! how clouds are vanished ?

Moments slip away into the time ; eternity waves her hand,

Time is there; things are there; wonder we are nowhere.


Why To Wander ?

How we search the waves in an ocean with all elan and verve,

Can't catch how the heart has beaten and the beating's gone.

We remove logs lying on our way and clear the mess,

How we wander in the world and meet our nemesis !

Our efforts're all valiant and desires're so intense and deep,

Ways are so many; colors so blinding and choice is ours.

When to hold up; stifle the raging din and cease the march,

To rest in mind is the most arduous way for us to do.

To run on a rut and look for pleasure, awe, and all glamour;

And widen the eyes, taste the thunder and find a vacuum.

To see the moves helplessly all vanish into our walks,

Live to the brim and cherish to come back on the stage.

What to live for; what to leave out ; what to pick up ,

Here's the world we are dying for and here the world's gone.

Heaven of others is a perfect maze; home is the last resort,

Life moves fast and cheers so loud; how we keep silent.

Our way is ever awesome ; to get to climax, never to rush,

We trudge along alone and avoid the haze in the horizon.

© Harish Mamgain

Love Our Moves

Should we appreciate our journey without envy and anguish ?

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