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Updated on August 13, 2014

What you want to write about.

A novel mustn't necessarily contain 'horror' stories or 'Caribbean adventures'. It can have a main theme about absolutely anything. It can be about a historic event, a biography, an interesting story, religious subjects and motivational guides. When deciding on what you want to write about, think of a topic that you are comfortable with. One that you have many ideas about. You might borrow ideas from your past life experiences or you can decide to 'fantasize' your own story from scratch. Make sure that what you are writing about is relevant and unique. Once you have decided on the theme of you story, formulate a storyline.

Formulating a 'workable' storyline

You already know what you are going to write about. You now have to think of a general story or topics you want to write about. If it is a story, you may want to note down the general events - how it begins, how you want it to end, the main scenes in your story and figure out the main characters in your story. Note them down somewhere. If it is a guide, note down the main topics you want to write about. After that you may want to divide the scenes or topics in the order that you will write them, from the first to the last, each representing one chapter or even two. Write down the arrangement and this is a simple storyline that you can follow easily.

You've got it, write it.

With your storyline you basically have your story. All you now have to do is to write it chapter after chapter. When writing a chapter, write it with close reference to the next chapter so that they join perfectly to maintain a 'pleasant and interesting flow'

Important points to note!

Since a good book is one that is interesting, use the following methods to make your book exciting and easy to read:

  • Leave the reader in suspense after every chapter
  • Let the story be unpredictable and don't let the reader know what will happen before it happens
  • Let the book have good spacing to enhance easy reading

Appearance of your book.

Most people who buy books don't buy them because they are the best but because they look good. You book will sell fast if it has an attracting cover and an eye-catching title. You may decide to give the book a title before you start writing - which I prefer in order to write a story suited to your title - or choose a title after writing the book. Also make sure that you cover has some interesting art that captures the attention of the shopper. This is very important. This pretty much determines whether your book will sell or not.

Take it from here.

Well, you now pretty much have everything you need. Get down to business now. I wish you all the best and remember to 'Keep calm and Write On'. Good luck.

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