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Updated on January 7, 2011

Peggy didn’t mind getting up at five every morning to cook breakfast.  She actually enjoyed frying the bacon and filling the house with its aroma.  She looked forward to starting the coffee pots that made the house smell like a home.  Peggy loved cooking the eggs, muffins, and toast.  She always had fresh squeezed orange juice also ready for her guest at her bed and breakfast.


Since her husband Dan had passed away Peggy turned her house into a bed and breakfast and called it Danny’s Place.

Peggy’s home was a Victorian house decorated on the outside with a wrap around porch that was trimmed with a white ginger-breading.  The natural shingles were weathered to a light pastel grey which had English ivy growing and climbing on all the sides of the building; although only the west side had grown to cover all of the shingles.  Also on the west side down in a knoll was a small pond that was home for two swans, some Canadian geese, and a handful of ducks which lived there all year round, mainly because Peggy always fed them.


In the north pasture there was a barn that stabled two horses for riding.  One was a stallion called Thunder Cloud and the other was a mayor named Sunshine.  They were twins so both were all white with black marks on their foreheads.


Peggy’s house sat in the middle of five acres that was mostly groomed.  On the East side was a clay tennis court, and in the front yard was a gazebo sporting white outside benches.  The setting was perfect for a bed and breakfast because it was so very quaint. 


Peggy’s home nestled on a mountain in Connecticut had many sites to see, and recreational things to do, from a small ski trail to a large reservoir.  Because there were so many sites to see and things to do year round, Peggy’s bed and breakfast rarely was empty.


In side the home she had five bedrooms each with their own private baths.  One of which she used as her master bedroom.

Downstairs there was a large kitchen a joined with a larger family room where most of the guest gathered to eat and socialize.  Breakfast was served from six o’clock until eight o’clock, but there were always muffins and coffee as well as juice left for the late risers.


Peggy herself was a spry thirty year old with sassy short bouncy, strawberry blonde hair.  She was average built and tended to dress preppy with pastel colors.  Today she wore tight jeans and a lavender short sleeve shirt.  Peggy had thrown on a full size apron to cook and serve the breakfast. The apron was powder blue and had the word CHEF spelt out in red placed at an angle on the front. Peggy did have her usual crisp white sneakers on, and wore just enough make up to enhance her ice blue eyes, never needing blush for her natural rosy cheeks.


This morning was in late spring and Peggy had a full house to serve breakfast for.  There were two couples and two single men staying this week.  Peggy as usual was up and about cooking breakfast when the first single man came down for breakfast to chat.  His name was Surge and he was a very handsome Italian looking man.  Shortly afterward the kitchen held the Morisons who were a cute couple, both short and a wee bit plump, each looking a like as a matching couple, even dressing a like in a safari look.  Next the Anthony’s a very tall good looking couple joined the crowd. Everyone was having fun chatting away while breakfast was being served.


Doug Anderson never came down for breakfast, so Peggy kept a plate warming for him in the oven.  Peggy was a little disappointed that Doug didn’t come down right away, because she so loved their conversation the night before.  Doug also was a fine looking man with very dark African American skin that showed off the bright clothes he tended to wear.  He had very high cheek bones and wore a goatee along with his hair cut short.


At this point Peggy had to go outside and do her chores, feeding the wildlife and the horses.  Doug had mentioned he would love to go riding, so Peggy proceeded to prep the horses.  She thought she would ride along side Doug to show him the trails they had discussed.


It was now ten o’clock and Peggy decided to see if Doug was up yet, and maybe serve him breakfast and confirm the riding tour for the day.  By now the other guest had taken off on their various excursions.  Perfect timing Peggy thought, there was Doug just coming down the stair way.  She quickly sat the plate in front of him to eat and shortly afterward they ventured down to the stables to saddle up the horses.


Peggy took Doug up the North trail which was a bit of a climb for the horses, but it really did show quite a spectacular view at the top. They finally reached the pinnacle where they dismounted their horses and climbed down a gradual cliff that over saw the beauty of the reservoir miles away. That is when the chemistry struck between the two riders, and that is when Doug passionately kissed Peggy so her toes curled!  Both Peggy and Doug didn’t quite know how to handle this moment so as both were flustered they abruptly climbed back up to their horses and rode speechlessly home.


Back at the bed and breakfast the Morisons were settled in the family room reading and the Anthony’s had just come in from finishing playing tennis.  Surge was not back yet from his daily adventure.  This day was Saturday and by tomorrow all the guest would be leaving and the next of the new arrivals would not be coming until Monday.  That would give Peggy time to get all the linens changed and the rooms freshened up for the next bunch of quest.  Peggy also enjoyed this time with no one in the house. By herself Peggy could really get many of the chores done that she really couldn’t do with other people underfoot.


Here it was Sunday afternoon and the entire quest list had checked out including Doug.  Peggy set to work stripping the sheets off the beds to wash.  That is when she thought she heard a noise down stairs?  However Peggy thought nothing of it though, because she assumed it was one of the three cats that also resided in the house.  Peggy was bent over one of the beds when all of a sudden she felt a presence behind her!  Before she could turn around something was put over her head and some one had grabbed her!


Peggy felt her body being pushed into the bed, and ropes being tied around her wrist very tight!  She was kicking her legs but next she felt a second pair of hands hold her feet down while another tied her feet together!


There was nothing she could do but try and calm down enough to figure out what was happening?  Next Peggy felt the cloth come off her face to see two sinister looking characters staring at her!   She thought to scream but she was so fearful at this point no sound could come from her voice at all.  It was just at that same instance the bigger of the two criminal type said; “Lady you just stay still and keep shut up and no harm will come to you”.


Both men were white with long straggly hair.  The tallest one had tattoos covering both his arms.  The other looked like he never washed his hair in maybe years, and while the big one talked the smaller one just had a very evil sneer on his face.

Next the tattooed one spoke again and said; “All you have to do Lady is tell us where your cash is and we will set to business and than be on our way.”

As soon as soon as Peggy found her voice she did not hesitate to tell them where she kept her pocket book and her extra cash.  That is when both of the men left her lying tied up in the bed to go downstairs.  Frightened and very much in shock Peggy could hear her whole downstairs of her house being turned upside down!

There was nothing that Peggy could do at this point but pray they would not come back to harm her.


An hour or more went by as Peggy stared at the alarm clock on the table next to the bed.  She could still hear the two burglars ram sacking her home.


Finally there was silence and Peggy could hear the back door slam shut.  She thought to herself; “Could it be they left?”  Peggy lied there still as could be listening to her own breathing, while trying to figure out if the criminals had for sure left. 


Another hour went by on the clock and Peggy hadn’t heard any more sounds for that time period.  She thought it would be safe to try and get free, but it was pointless because she was tied up too tight.   Peggy at this point dared not scream for help in case the crooks could possibly be still there.  She had no idea what she could do, but it was obvious she needed help.


The next crew of guest would not arrive until tomorrow, and if they came to the door would they know to come in and find her?  The clock ticked away and two more hours went by with Peggy helpless.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door and she next heard a voice calling her name downstairs.

Peggy yelled: “Help!”  “Help!”  “I am upstairs!”   “Please help me!”

It was a familiar voice that called out her name back again as it grew closer.  She was sure now it was Doug’s voice! 


Doug rounded the corner of the door to the bedroom Peggy was in and couldn’t believe his eyes seeing her tied up to the bed like that!   He quickly set to untying her as Peggy started to cry in sobs that were frantic!  As soon as Doug had her untied he hugged her and tried to comfort her, until Peggy could get a grip and some clear words out.


The next thing Doug did after hearing a bit of what happened was dial the police.   The police arrived in about ten minutes and took Peggy’s statement as well as informing her that this was the fifth of these types of robberies in the area this past month.

When the police left Doug stayed to keep Peggy company.  At this point Peggy really looked around at her home which was turned upside down.   She almost started to cry again because she really didn’t know where to start to right it?  Her pocket book was no where to be found so the first thing she had to do was cancel her credit cards, which luckily she kept a list of in her desk drawer which also lay upside down.  While Peggy made her calls Doug started to put different things like furniture back in place. 


It wasn’t till eight that evening did the down stairs look back to normal with Doug’s help.  Peggy was so very grateful for Doug to had come back in enough time to help her out.  As they sat there now in the family room, Peggy poured each of them a glass of wine.  Than Peggy was able to now focus and ask how it was that Doug happened to had come back to Peggy’s place?  When Peggy asked that question to Doug there was a long pause of silence once again between them.  Doug took a deep breath and said; “Peggy I was going to use the excuse I had forgotten something here, just so I could see you one more time”  “But to be very honest I forgot nothing but you.”  Peggy was so touched that for a few fleeting moments she had forgotten the whole horrible ordeal she just went through.  Next Doug’s and Peggy’s bodies grew close to each other and kissed a most tender kiss.  Peggy still had an extra room that was not filled for the week, so she asked Doug if he would like to stay another week.  It just so happened Doug did have another week left of vacation and immediately took Peggy up on the offer.


Well my dear readers; weeks became months, and months became years, when Doug and Peggy had finally gotten married. 


Today Peggy no longer runs the bed and breakfast because she now has three children that live with her and Doug in the house now.


There have been three more horses added to the stable because everybody rides.  As the children have now grown into teenagers they are helpful with all the outside farm chores.

I am not aware if the two criminals were ever caught.  Yet even though the burglars created much distress and anguish by their crime on Peggy and her home, Peggy and Doug look at it to this day as a blessing that brought them even closer together as they shared the tragedy.



Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight1/6 /2011@LisaLuvLLC



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