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Perfect Love (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

Perfect love will cast out all fear,

Love so pure and so clean,

Reaches out to hearts in despair,

Perfect love, Perfect love!

God revealed love when He gave His Son

To die for you and me, He died on Calvary,

He didn’t have to give His life

It was perfect love, it was perfect love!

God is love and love is God

If you’ve seen the Son, then you’ve seen the Father,

If you know Jesus then you know perfect love

He is perfect love, He is perfect love!

Love is crowned with perfection,

Complete and entire to meet all our needs,

Love that goes pass every fault we have,

Perfect love, perfect love!

I will let love have dominion in my heart

Will you let love have dominion in your heart?

Will you obey God’s command to love?

Walking in love is God’s perfect way.


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