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Phenomena Fantasy or Hallucination

Updated on March 8, 2020
Diane Denison profile image

I was born loving God and wanted to know about the Holy Universe, Angels, the Holy Host. I was a child craving holy mystical knowledge .


The Cup Of Life

Was Given To Me

By The Holy Host.

Guiding Me Gently

Into The Knowledge

Of Knowing God.

There Are Mysteries

Beyond Our Comprehension

First Of All You Must

Accept And Believe

In The Reality Of Spirits

And Spiritual Planes

And Sub Planes.

That Are Different From And

Beyond That Of The Earth.

Those With Eyes To See

Know From Experience

That All Of Reality

Is Permeated With God.

For Some Reason My

First Experience Was At

The Tender Age Of A Teen.

Put Me In A Melodic


I Feared Drinking The

Full Cup Of Dancing

Like A Butterfly Into

The Spiritual Plane

And The Dimensional

World Of Knowledge.

I Avoided That Door.

Invitation Haunted Me.

I Could See A Hand Held

Out For Me To Hold Onto.

My Bewildered Questions

And Freight To Reach Out

To The Invitation Was Stalled.

Yet For Years, The Dimensional

Portal Was Part Of Me.

I Just Didn't Know It.

And They Never Entered

Without My Consent.

I Kept Jazz Dancing

To The World Traffic

Jams Of A Chaos Melody.

I Felt Free And Wild.

And The Actions Of Others

Was A Mystical Intrigue

To Me.

I Was A Watcher Of There Soul

Seeing Corruption Seep In Slowly.

Are These Phenomena

Fantasy Of Hallucination?

Modern Theologians

Have Been Playing Down

The Dimensional Plane.

I Experienced Evil Taunting Me

Whispering In My Ears That

I Was Going To Die.

Time Was Up And At

The Age Of 33 Years

Old I Was Experiencing

Sub Plane Entry Into

My World Of Carefree

Innocence And Laughter.

I Experienced The

Death Dance In Which I

Saw The Angelic Force.

Holding Me In There Arms

As My Soul Left My Body

Kissing The Beauty Of Death.

I Did Die But Gods Breath

Blew Life Into My Body.

Then In My Early Fifty's The

Dimensional Portal Door Plane

Stayed Glued Opened.

They Did Not Allow Me

To Shut It.

Entry From All Spiritual

Level Planes And

Holy Host And Christ

Became My Guest And

My Teachers.




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