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Playground of Christ

Updated on March 4, 2020
Diane Denison profile image

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.


Ever Feel Your Heart Race

And Feel Something Erie

Is Surrounding You.

Feeling Like You

Just Watched The Movies

Exorcist Or Damien.

You Can't Shake The Feeling

Of Evil Eyes Watching You.

You Even Walk Out Side

Seeing Black Crows

Fling Over You

Following Your Every Move

There Eyes Piercing Down

At You As Though They

Are Trying To Penetrate

Your Soul.

You Need A Breath

Of Fresh Air

You Walk Quickly

To The Nearest Church.

That Has Holy Water

And Holy White Candles,

To Light In Which

You Know That It

Aides You In

Holy Prayer.

You Open Up The

Church Door

And A Fresh Breeze

Of The Holy Spirit

Covers You With A

Blanket Of Support.

You Now Feel Safe

Your In The Arms

Of God And Christ

Your Now In The Holy

Playground Of Christ. ~ ~ ~


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    • manatita44 profile image


      13 months ago from london

      Sure. You can write to me, but briefly, to go higher, you must let go of the visions … OBE's. Don't seek God's gift but only God. That way when you cut through, it will be big!

      Remember the basics as they are crucial: selfless giving, empathy, gratitude, regular and punctual prayer both verbal and silent, as well as meditation. Do not rush! Live as if you wish to love God, but not to find God. You do this a lot through human beings.

      Selfless service opens the psychic Heart and makes you receptive to the Higher forces of Grace. Serve mankind.

      Finally, depending on your level, the transcendence of sex will make you go faster. God speed!

      P.S. Do you have a shrine/Alter? It is necessary. Use candles, flowers and a picture of your Ishta Devata in the middle. If it's Christ, fine, but it should be whoever you love 100%. A God-realised soul.

    • Diane Denison profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Denison 

      13 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

      manatita44 Do not apologize to me. You did nothing wrong. You seem to be interested in the same spiritual journey as I am. Part of the journey is when you decide to commit to know the mystical holy universe. You get to experience it all. The secret is not to fear any of it. And you will learn and awaken into enlightenment. I know what state you were in. I have been out of the world more in the dimensional world since 2013. I love it. Now I am learning to be in both at one time. Which is difficult. I'd like to discuss this with you further. You could perhaps help me get grounded.

    • manatita44 profile image


      13 months ago from london

      I have visited this place. Usually when nothing is amiss. But one evening in Burundi, everything was.

      I could not sleep! I last looked at my watch at 5.a.m then blankness. I went into a very high world, so real I thought I was still awake.

      I opened my eyes at 6 a.m to a : Wow! My watch told me the time. I was refreshed and knew what I had to do for the next 26 days in East Africa.

      Sorry to distract. Lovely piece!

    • Diane Denison profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Denison 

      13 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

      Thank you Lorna Lamon .

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      13 months ago

      I love the title of this poem and the beautiful picture you have chosen, full of light and love. Beautifully written Diane.

    • Diane Denison profile imageAUTHOR

      Diane Denison 

      13 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

      Thank You Olusegun. Yes we are always safe when you walk with God. The nasty little evil pest hate holy water, Churches, Temples. I always giggle when I see Them run in panic tripping over each other when they try to aggravate me at home. I do the Holy Walk right into the church doors. It works every time.

    • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile image


      13 months ago from NIGERIA

      In the presence of God we shall be always safe and in his arms we shall always feel his warmth. Good one.


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