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PLR - What Private Label Rights is about

Updated on March 26, 2013

Let us say that You take another person's work, and You want to:

  • keep all of the credit.
  • keep all of the profits.

Said this way is just a plain/text robbery (and You are a bad person who deserves jail.... just kidding).

But, is not a bad idea after all.

Is it possible to take the work of another person, use it and not to be accused of plagiarism? Yes, Private Label Right to the rescue.

Private Label Rights principle can be applied to all digital media, such as Articles, eBooks, Reports, Software, Graphics, Audio (and so on...), commonly referred as a product.

Private Label Rights exist to facilitate the trade of intellectual property beyond the scope of the original writer.

This trade can be carried out in different levels (or Rights)

  1. Giveaway Rights : Allows you to give that product away, you do not necessarily have the right to sell that product.
  2. Resell Rights : Allows you to resell that product and keep the profits (some license agreements may have a suggested minimum selling price). You cannot sell the license to Resell Rights products. Other terms may apply.
  3. Master Resell Rights : Allows you to give that product away, sell it for whatever amount you want, or bundle it with other products to create you own. You can pass on to your customers the Resell Rights. Most products in this category include custom made websites and salespages to help you resell them.
  4. Private Label Rights : You have total control of these products. They include the source files so you can edit the product and claim it as your own creation. You can edit the content, the images, and salespages. You can rename the product and offer it as a totally new product. You can then offer this product with Resell, Master Resell, or Private Label rights.


In brief:

  • Resell Rights are simply permission from the owner of a product to allow you to take and sell or distribute it for your own profit.
  • Master Resell Rights allow you to sell the resell rights to the product.
  • Private Label Rights allow you to make your own changes to specific or all parts of a product.

PLR are the top rights available and also the most expensive. Whenever you buy a product read the license agreement, to make sure of the rights that come with the product.

Now that you made the right choice...

The one restriction with Private Label Rights is that you may not give away the Private Label Rights to it for free.

When you buy something with Private Label Rights is usually means you can use the content as your own. Private Label Rights is something that allows buyer to becomes owner and seller of the product.

The right to alter or change the PLR content ìs considered a basic Private Label Rights.

The right to claim ownership of the PLR content ìs another basic Private Label Rights.

The right to redistribute the content ìs considered part of your Private Label Rights. However, the means of redistribution may be restricted.

The only downside of PLR content is that when you purchase it you are not guaranteed a unique product, since they are often sold to several individuals.

If you're buying PLR content, there can be many concerns.

  1. Price: PLR products are generally affordable because the content is shared among many buyers.
  2. Quality: Quality can vary among PLR providers. You might find content that has to be rewritten because the writing itself was poor.
  3. Number of Copies Sold: Some PLR sites require memberships to access the content, limiting the number of members. Other sites require no membership, but still limit the number sold. And then many sites do not but a limit, nor do they require a membership to purchase the PLR content.
  4. Terms of Service: Always check to see what rights are being given with the PLR products. Some providers will only allow you to use the products if you alter them, while others leave that decision up to you.
  5. You will need to see if you're allowed to:
  • Post them on Article Directories (Not recommended, see below)
  • Use them as web content
  • Break them up into blog posts
  • Bundle them and sell or give them away as bonuses

PLR Dos and Donts.

Taking as example a PLR article package, you will encounter this kind of terms:

What Can You Do With Private Label Rights Articles?

  • You can put your own name on the article.
  • You can change the articles as you wish.
  • You can use these articles on your website.
  • You can use these articles in your newsletter.
  • You can use these articles in your autoresponder.
  • You can use these articles in your membership site.
  • You can use them in a free eCourse
  • You can use them in a free Special Report.
  • You can use them in a free eBook.
  • You can use them in a paid product.

What Can NOT Be Done With Private Label Rights Articles?

  • You may not resell, give away or otherwise redistribute the article or rights in any way.
  • You may not use any content as part of another PLR product.
  • You may not distribute the articles through a free reprint directory. (This is against terms of service for most article directories.)

What can be made good with PLR products?

Of course, you can use a PLR product in their original format, but this is not convenient at all.

To obtain the maximum profit, you should work a little on the original product.

To learn ways to use PLR products (and other useful tips), I recommend you this excellent Hub from Hubber ContentLaundromat

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    • gxjenkins profile image

      gxjenkins 9 years ago from Tampa, Fl.

      Great explanation of PLR products. It's true most people don't realize the value of PLR products. It saves so much time.

    • PLR Video Direct profile image

      PLR Video Direct 9 years ago from Warrensburg Missouri - Kansas City Area

      Hello StefanMDP,

      Great Hub and very informative. PLR products can be a very useful tool in creating your own e-product.

      Thanks again.

      Steve Dougherty

    • ContentLaundromat profile image

      ContentLaundromat 9 years ago from California, U.S.A.

      Hi! You just explained the mystery of PLR to me! Thank you for this informative hub.

    • profile image

      eBook 9 years ago

      Hi Stefan, Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!ThanksPrivate Label RighExcellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!t

    • danieltetreault profile image

      danieltetreault 9 years ago from Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada

      Hey great hub on PLR!