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Updated on December 27, 2012


Happiness is the smiles of my little children’s faces

The sunshine that erases all the cares away

A home filled with love and happiness

That grows with each passing day

A little girl so full of joy and endless energy

That is such a joy to see it is sure to brighten any day

One who says “I love you” with true sincerity

A little boy who a man he tries to be

Brightens my heart and makes me proud that he was given to me

Oh! They can be little imps at times, but God gave them

To me to love and that I do so dearly

And a loving and understanding man who tries so to please

Who makes me so happy and secure

With all this love and happiness what more could I ask

But only to love them as much as they love me

Material things are nice but only minor things true love and

happiness are the key to life’s eternal dreams

Judy Ritchie-Ramirez


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