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Mortal men immortal creations - part - 1

Updated on November 7, 2014
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Series of short stories written by great indian writer MUNSHI PREMCHAND

A milestone in the indian literature, MUNSHI PREMCHAND has written lots of collection of short stories and novels. Not only I, but also all the citizens of India, are well known to his creations and in India, his books are amongst the top bestsellers. Based on the life of common man in the society, his creations are deeply routed with the daily and fundamental lifestyle of a simple man of the society. Some of his short stories, I want to narrate about and this series is dedicated to his evergreen creativity which made him immortal idol of indian literature.

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Jumman shekh and Algoo Chaudhary were very closed friends. They were farmers and always plough their fields jointly. Some transactions of money was also beeen jointly made by them. They have unbreakable belief between them. When Jumman used to go on HAZ, he left his house to be looked after by Algoo and similary when Algoo used to go outside the village, he left his house to Jumman. They never mixed up their lifestyle and routine of their lives. Only the princliple of living were matched with both of them. The only basic formula of a true friendship was being followed by them. This friendship took place when they were children. Jumrati, the father of Jumman, were the teacher of both the children. Algoo looked after very carefully to his teacher Jumrati. Father of Algoo, were of the olden concept. He believed that to serve the teacher is more important than to get education. Because he thought that the education can only be achieved by the humble service of the teacher. The ruler stick of Jumrati made Jumman the most educated person of that time. Algoo did not get his education properly and remained average student. Algoo was recognized with his rich background and Jumman was praised for his wisdom and education.

Jumman shekh had his old sister of his mother. She had very few property but no near relative was there to claim for the property. Jumman promised a lot to her and got the property in his name. Till the will of gift for the said property was not registered, she was very well looked after by Jumman and his wife. Even she was worshiped in that house but when the seal of registry was put on the gift deed of the property, all the feelings of worship and all the promises made to her, were vanished in air. She was forced to face the bitter conversation with the Jumman's wife and enabled to get insufficient food to eat. Jumman shekh was also became rude to her.

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Jumman always thought that when will this old lady be died. It seemed to him that she had become immortal. For a few period, the old lady tried to adjust but when the circumstances became unbearable to her, she told to Jumman, "My son, I will not live with you and your family further. It will better that you give me some money periodically, to me be lived alone." Jumman denied to give the money and ultimately the old lady decided to go before the PANCH PARMESHWAR, the primary court of villagers lead with the chief of the village. Jumman was well assured that no one in the village will speak a single word against him because he had helped almost every villagers in each and every respect. He became very happy with the decision of the old lady thinking that he will get rid of her. The old lady wandered to evey villagers but some had laughed at her, some suggested that she is nearest to death and she must give up the idea for going before the PANCH PARMESHWAR. There were a few people who heard his grief but ultimately no one helped her. When she pleaded before Algoo Chowdhary, he was shocked to hear this incident and after considering a lot about his friendship, he tried to settle the problem on the part of the old lady. The old lady understood the problem of his friendship and siad, " Will you not speak truth with honesty for the fear of your friendship ?" This sentence shaked Algoo deeply.

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In the evening, on the fixed date of hearing, the primary court of the villagers started. Jumman had arranged for the hearing and welcomed warmly all the villagers and the chief of the village. He cared well for their breakfast and other need like tobacco etc. The head of PANCH PARMESHWAR was to be elected at this time and there were some people who were present in that meeting who were also aggrieved with the behaviour of Jumman in any way. When Jumman found this situation he became uneasy and when the old lady suggested the name of Algoo for the head of that meeting of justice, Jumman became very much pleased but did not expressed his pleasure. The old lady put her complaint before the chief briefly. She expressed her grief and unbearable cirmstances created by Jumman and his family was explored by her. She, at last, prayed for justice. Jumman also put his side and prayed for justice by letting him be got rid of that old lady.After a long discussion, Algoo started to give the final decision of the meeting of justice. Jumman was ordered to look after the old lady by giving her the definite money for her life period otherwise the gift deed registered earlier, will be ineffective and the entire property will remain in the name of that old lady. This decision of Algoo, pulled out the deep routed friendship of both of them.


After some time, Algoo purchased a pair of bullocks for the purpose of ploughing the fields. These bullocks were cared very well by him. They were very much capable to do all the job desired by their master in the fields. After some days one of them was died. Algoo and his wife considered that the decision made against Jumman, made Jumman an enemy of him and it may be that jumman had killed his bullock by feeding poisionous cattle feed. It became an apple of discard between the two families. Ultimately Algoo sold his another bullock to Samjhoo Sahoo who was also a villager and his occupation was to purchase and sale of items for daily need of the villagers. A lump sum was paid by Samjhoo and the rest of money was promisted by him to be paid later on. He used this bullock in the cart to carry the items for sale in the market and during this job he did not cared the bullock's feeding. Being very thin, one day the bullock died and in the night when the bullock was died, Samjhoo was looted by the robbers when he was sleeping in that cart waiting for the morning. Samjhoo got loss also in the way that at the same time his items laden on that cart were also taken away by the robbers. When Algoo asked for his rest of money, Samjhoo denied and ultimately the way of getting justice was choosen by Algoo by calling the primary meeting of justice of villagers. In this meeting, Jumman was elected the head of the PANCH PARMESHWAR. Algoo thought that Jumman will take revenge but when Jumman made his final decision in favour of Algoo, his eyes were filled up with the tears for Jumman. In the end of the meeting Algoo and Jumman hugged each other and wept a lot. Jumman said, "Algoo, I felt in this meeting that the person sitting on the chair of head of Justice, always speaks truth and his voice comes out as the God himself is saying. I have no malice view for you. Our friendship is immortal and always will be immortal."


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