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P.S. I'm Highly Allergic To Cat's

Updated on May 24, 2017

My Uncle died and I cried

I knew the instant of his passing as

I spoke to him in the wee hours of the early Morning

We spoke of things I will never forget

Of love that still Today remains

I knew the minute of his last breath

and when he died I cried

The minute his soul left his feeble limbs

A promise to me he made

That if upon his final rest if able

and could, he would come to me

He would

The black cat which that Day appeared sits

Today still and warms itself upon my chair

On that fateful Day, he died and I cried

I shed so many tears for his loss

And still Today I wonder

Do you know the depth of my affection

How my thoughts turn to you

On Day's when times are at it's bleakest

Did you know my Dearest Uncle

That my Children know you by name

and hear the stories time and again

One of Two Uncle's who was more of a Father

than any Father ever could

I hold our conversations sacred

I will hold my promise dear

and if a time ever should present

I shall endeavor to welcome with open arms

That which you never beheld

When you dearest Uncle Died

On that fateful Morning, I cried

I cried for the love my Children would never know

For an uncle who carried his pocket books with such loving care

Who told me that I was beautiful and dearly loved

My Uncle Died and a thousand lightning bolts

It rained down clouds and tears from behind grief filled eyes

When you died, yes I cried.

P.S. I never told you, I'm allergic to cats.

(For reference, pocket book was what my Uncle affectionately called my Sister and me, because when he was home we went everywhere with him).

Copyright pending at Prose of Molly. "Family and love"

Do You Believe In Ghost's

I was a sickly Child, one ailment after another afflicted me. I was born premature, weighing in at a mere 3lbs or there about. I started school at the age of 2 Years old, more so out of convenience for my Parents who had to work, but the School allowed it different times different place. My memory of dying well really drowning was being pushed from a bridge into the murky river of my homeland. A cruel act by a Cousin, on a bet/dare. As its murky blackness engulfed me. My body floating; no I didn't leave my Earthly form or anything that dramatic.

I awoke to find myself in a Children's Hospital. That of course was the first meeting I had with the entity. Her with, almond skin, crisp white uniform, and beautiful high cheekbones, a testament to her East Indian Heritage. Her nursing cap pinned on either side with hair pins to keep it in place. She lovingly cradled me in her lap, and combed my tight curls, I remember the smell of freshly starched material and the rough texture, as it rubbed against fevered cheeks but there was love and warmth in the gentle way in which she braided my hair, bathed me and sat with me until I drifted off to sleep. I was not afraid she presented herself as my beloved Aunty Monica

When my Mother came to visit, she asked the obvious, "who bathed and combed your hair Baby" to which I replied Aunty Monica, pointing to my Aunt who had traveled with her. She had a worried look and proceeded to inquire of the nurse, when and who had cared for me. They all responded the same none of them had, and no one had visited me that Day. My Mother asked me what the nurse wore and I told her, There was no way anyone could have entered the big open bay where cribs and toddler beds line the room, while nurses worked moving from patient to patient, no privacy rooms, nor curtains separated the tiny toddler beds.

My Aunty M. you see could not have cared for me she had been miles away at the time in Boarding School learning her trade as a Teacher but had made the trip with my Mother to visit.

Interestingly enough, my Aunty M. Became a Registered Nurse and has been for over 35 Years. Did this occurrence, visitation imprint itself in her mind to the extent that she gave up Teaching to become a Nurse, Or was my Great Grandmother twice removed; directing her career?

Ghost's or Entities are real

My Father loves telling this story to anyone I bring home, I think still Today, it scares him I often see him looking at me with eyes deep in thought and a little leery as if at any moment I could conjure up the demon from Hell to sap the life from his body.

It is believed that spirits show themselves more to Children than to Adult's because Children have a natural curiosity, and their sense of fear hasn't really been developed. Adults are more prone to blocking out of fear, and rightly so.

Having returned from my stay in the Hospital I was home, tucked safely in bed for the Night, the cool mountain air blowing hand stitched sheer curtains, yellow, the curtains were yellow. I had an ear infection possibly from the water that had clogged my ears, during my drowning. I remember it vividly. By my window appeared a woman, I couldn't see her face, but I could clearly make out the hat and the floral print dress she wore. As she spoke I remember there wasn't any fear just sadness, I called to my Father "Daddy The Lady wants to come Home". I remember I kept repeating those words as she spoke to me, and it became more important for me to let my Father know that she wanted to come home. My Father entered the room and as I translated the message, he peered out the window, asking "what Lady", I pointed and again told him the Lady outside, he asked me if she was there and I remember nodding my head "yes", scared of my answer but wanting to know my Father asked " what is she wearing". As I described the color of the dress, the flowers, the hat, gloves, and stockings no shoes adorned her feet, my Father who stutters when he is upset, or nervous, began to stutter, being highly superstitious and Religious at the same time, I remember a Bible being placed above my head, with a red ribbon holding the pages open. Jamaican's believe that ghosts are scared of the color red. My Grandmother it appears had visited me that Night. She had been long dead and buried two Months prior to me being born. I had never seen a picture of my Grandmother, nor did I at that age know anything of her passing.

What do you think, Is this a Child's imagination, conjuring up bit's of conversation heard around the dinner table, or is it a close and personal encounter with a spirit, ghost, entity?

The significance of those words "I want to come home", scared my Father, It wasn't until Years later in my Teenage Years that I learned that my Grandmother had been plagued with Mental Illness, she had died in a hospital while being administered shock Therapy. A very popular yet new type of treatment for People with Mental Illness. Those were the last word's spoken by my Grandmother, the Night prior to the procedure as relayed by my Father.

Delving deeper into the Psyche of my Father, one would have to understand why he is fearful, prior to my drowning and my brush with the entity. A Woman who lived within the vicinity of our home would watch my Sister and I walk to School, she had stopped my Father to ask who the Woman was that walked behind my Sister and me Daily. Her description and from all accounts leads me to believe that my Maternal Great Grandmother twice removed my Namesake was watching and continue to watch over me.

Premonition, We All Have It Tap Into It

The Morning my Uncle died I had gone to bed quite early only to be awakened by the feeling of dread my heart rate increasing, and the overwhelming thought that I needed to call. I am so glad I did, as I dialed trepidation and fear making my hands shake, I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard his voice, although not up to the usual cheerful tone. He was still alive, and I was happy, We spoke for over an hour, him passing on bit's of History about my Grandmother, how much he loved me, he always called me his "Little Star", he told me if there was a way for him to come back to let me know he was okay, he would. As he drew his final breath, the last words he said "Little Star".

After my Uncle was laid to rest strange things began happening in my home. I've always loved horses a heavy metal horse that had a place of prominence on my wall unit, changed from one place to another, at first I thought my then Husband or the Children had moved it. One Morning as I made my way to the kitchen, a Sunday Morning all the Children were home, to include my then Husband, and as I walked by the entertainment center, the horse was suspended in air, I smiled knowingly, because the Children and my Husband didn't really believe in ghosts I shouted for them and as we all stood there looking at the horse suspended, no one spoke, my Uncle, it seemed had found a way to let me know he was okay. Two Mornings later the smoky gray cat appeared, he has since taken up residence outside my window. He only leaves when I venture outdoors. Maybe he knows after all that I'm allergic.

Object's flying across the room

Objects flying across the room, are very scary, and attention-grabbing, sometimes it's the only way a spirit can make itself known.

As I laid reclined on the sofa, recovering from my third back surgery, engrossed in my favorite Law and Order all Day episode, my thought turned to my Husbands Uncle who had recently passed. His love for over 35 Years now alone and forced to deal with his passing. The thought that I needed to call, was a very strong pull, one I continued to ignore, I was in pain, medicated and was not feeling in the mood for conversation. My thoughts drifted back to the program when the picture I had lovingly framed of my Uncle-In- Law flew with such strength across the room landing a few inches from my head. My Husband I think started looking at me differently that Day, becoming more of a believer. I placed the call I was greeted with a relieved voice, not knowing who to call or what to do the Home attendant informed us that my Uncles Partner had tried to commit suicide.

Evil Spirit's do exist

While Living on Military post housing my Daughter and I had experiences with a pre-Civil War Veteran. He was a surly fellow always complaining slamming doors and rattling chains, yes I know cliche. Although not violent he was scary, he didn't want us in his house and would make his presence known. My Daughter initially occupied the middle room of the three-bedroom home. She had dark circles from not sleeping and would complain to me about what she thought was me moving her things or disturbing her at Nights by slamming doors. I don't recall the exact moment we both saw him. I was recouperating from my second surgery. I thought I must have dreamt him or hallucinated, it wasn't until my Daughter asked me if I had seen him that I realized I couldn't have conjured him up. My Ex husband had been away for his second three Month training program. Once home we started looking for off post housing. Certain that I would continue to be plagued by the dead, I absolved to block these sightings. My reason for leaving Post housing had led me to another more scary situation.

The fear most adults have with entities or ghost is a valid one, not all entities are Family or friendly "Casper the Ghost". While at Ft. Bliss I encountered such a spirit. My Husband was stationed at Ft. Bliss in Texas, because Military housing was not adequate to meet our needs, we rented a home off base, my first clue that there was something wrong should have been the fact that it had been empty for four Years. Located on a very quiet street, close to an Elementary and my Daughters High School, a beautiful Neighborhood, beautiful all brick home four bedrooms, three upstairs and the Master downstairs. The price, consistent with market value for the area. My second clue should have been the fact that the previous occupants had only lived there for six Months and seemed to have left in a hurry, the garage had Children's toys, the Kitchen still had the shelves stocked with unopened cleaning supplies, there were still some clothes hanging in the closet, it never dawned on me to wonder why the hurry, being Military I knew there were times one had to move in a hurry often times leaving cleaning supplies. The third clue should have been the fact that the house had not been cleaned by the managing company. But we were excited housing off post was difficult to find. Three Months into living in the house, I started to smell the fresh scent of soil, the smell I associate with gardening or freshly tilled soil, but only in the Master bedroom, my Husband intimated that it may be due to moisture, although we could not find mold anywhere. I started to notice that the smell only happened at Nights, and only when my Husband was home. There were times I would fall asleep, and feel the imprint of another body beside me, or the covers being pulled away, those times my Husband would be away at training.

The entity didn't start getting violent until my Husband had been home for two Months straight. One Night while sleeping I felt the presence of hands wrapped around my neck I couldn't breathe, scream, or move I laid there eyes wide with fear and disbelief gasping for air, finally hearing the muffled sounds my Husband got up, I was still struggling for air my eyes probably showing the fear I felt, as I managed a scream, my Husband looked at me with worried eyes, I explained what had happened so used to my sightings he didn't question what I imparted, instead he turned the lights on and got me water. The next Morning there were distinct small finger marks on my neck. The entity it appears had been a Woman.

What one believes brings forth understanding. After writing the article on Ghost and spirits, I read an attached article, what I found interesting was: The fact that cat's or a cat was mentioned. looking into the significance as it relates to death relational to cats. I came across this writing by Bundy Lee.

"In Japan, there is a myth that cats turn into super spirits when they die. According to the Buddhist religion, the body of the cat is the temporary resting place of the soul of very spiritual people. Some people believe that cats engage in astral travel even in life. They also believe that if a cat adopts you, it will stay with you forever, even after death". Bundy Lee, "The Cat site".

Cultural norms are not the same for everyone. It's silly to think that every Culture shares the same or similar beliefs. People fear what they do not understand, It is this fear that drives Human beings to stagnate. After all, who would want to be identified as different, it's scary and it alienates, however, if not for great Men and Women willing to defy the odds and go against the norms, where would Society be with regards to knowledge.

What is the deeper symbolic meaning, as it perhaps pertains to Religion?
Do we simply by virtue of our religious beliefs, envision the afterlife as it is upheld by our individual practices? Our beliefs may be a conjuring up of incidences as we see it in our minds. Death and its symbolism is perhaps a manifestation of the psyche and who we are is tied to beliefs and learned behavior.

Death is a part of life experience choosing to be happy, despite our experiences, and that final outcome is living. We each individually stop living when we stop breathing. Human beings are prone to self-destructive behavior, happiness at all cost is the motto. Our beliefs define our character, we bully and push those beliefs regardless of the consequences. Our basic fundamental rights diminish when we cannot let others experience life and death different from what is considered normal. Our own dissatisfaction with our own life creates the need to control the belief system of others. In some cultures, death is celebrated with honor. The Mexican culture celebrates Day of the dead (Dia la Muerte), In Louisiana the creole/Haitian culture also celebrates death. The only cultures that fear death and has a negative belief system regarding death and the afterlife I find are People afraid of dying or those that lack spirituality.

It is never okay to just follow along blindly with the masses. If we do not question what our gut tells us is wrong. How will you learn to listen to your Children? There are no manuals that will tell you definitively when they are in danger or hurt. But our instinct's guide us if we listen to it carefully enough. P.S. I'm allergic to Cat's happened just as I stated. They are true documentations as experienced by me and my Children.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws. copyrights Laws apply as it pertains to copying in part or entirety any and all work should adhere to those laws.

Do You Believe in Ghost's, Spirit's Or Entities?

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