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Updated on December 10, 2009




The waters call me
to join them
in the dead of night,
spreading like an
aqua blanket to cover me,\.

My tranquil-lizer
if I so choose.

The air without you
suffocates me.

Perhaps the coolness
of the sea inhaled
would wash free
the pain of my empty soul,
but the moon is
such a lovely pendant
on the shadowed cape of
the ebony skies.

It shared our last kiss,
it could light many more.

And so I cast your memories
into its depth instead,
watching them struggle
to stay alive,
weeping as they disappear
under the tides that bind.

The moon's light
illuminates my path
in my escape from you,
Love calls to me from
lips not yet shared
as I embrace the night--
without you.


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