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Painfully In Love

Updated on April 8, 2016

You say you love

me, but I don’t

think you mean it.

You say forever,

but I wonder if

our meanings are

the same. Cause

my forever is with

you and no one

else. What is

yours? Just a

passing fling until

you find

something or

someone better.

Love is so painful

at times. I wish it

was never invented.

I’m so painfully in

love with you that

I don’t know what

to do. We argue

and fight more

then we used to.

I’m beginning to

belief that this

love is just to

good to be true.

You say you’d

never hurt me, but

what you don’t

realize is you're

words hurt more

than any slap ever could.

Being in love with

you are just as

painful as being in

love with a man

who is abusive.

You don’t use

your hands the

way he did. This I

do admit. But what

I fear I regret is

that your words

are worse than his hands.

I’m so painfully in

love I don’t know

what to do. Should

I go or should I

stay? Please lord

help me to

understand why

I’ve been dealt the

uglier hand. Please lord,

help me yo find what

is right.Because right

now I’m so painfully

in love I just wish

you would take me away.


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