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Painter's Limelight

Updated on November 3, 2016

Sketch unto me, your light from a night that elects to shine beyond optimism and star. Painter’s limelight, God how superior it is to be seen inside this desert! She sits and sketches throughout the sand of a most hopeful, 1976 and there, within the painter’s limelight, she grins underneath the veil of dye. Ah, smearing throughout physique and mind, her desolate limelight originates to life; live, breath and molestation of the heart could never at all ever breed old! Painter’s limelight, she stands up and dances unclothed beyond star and purpose! Miles upon miles, she treads openly, hymen to untold sexuality. Legs strained divinely apart as a portion of her midnight spell. Painter’s limelight, her canvas is waiting. Innocence upon courage, blood upon canvas, she sacrifices for her initial and final color!


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