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Panic of a Maniac

Updated on December 8, 2011

Rat tat tat tat

The tapping of my pen

Quietly I sat

Tick tock tick tock

Goes the clock in this den

Quiet but not calm

Hassled in the head

Unusual for one who is normally full of such sweet charm

The silence is like thunder

Yet another day I wish I could have just spent in my safe bed

A sense of panic

Have to get out

Everything right now just seems so manic

A butterfly that needs to be set free

Need to take a stroll a walk about don’t want to have to shout

I feel a need for some change

Turn over a new leaf and try to start again

Maybe a new job could go work on a range

Travel the world in a submarine

Ideas whirl in my head like a hurricane

Are these thoughts the result of too much loneliness?

My own fault always tried to live in a fairytale

Expected too much should have wanted less

Can’t help being a bit of a misanthropist

There seems to be nothing but hail

Most of the time solitude is perfect

Time to think, be and just do as I please

Recently this vision has been wrecked

How? Loneliness was idol radiance but too much of anything can make one ill

Just put up with this feeling be content with a cup of tea

Eventually I’ll do something big

Emerge from my lair

Not going to try too hard, I’m not one to dig

I’ll fit into society without even thinking about it

For now I remain hassled hiding behind my hair

Perhaps I’m just thinking about things way too much

Making a problem causing a fuss

If I did something new I’d come out of my hutch

I wouldn’t notice the silence and the sun would come out

Going to get up and go I’ll catch a bus


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