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Pan's gift to Selene

Updated on January 11, 2013
Pan's Dark Forrest
Pan's Dark Forrest

The trails of the Dark Forest were quiet, apart from the chattering insects, the Wood Owls and the night rodents they sought. The Great God Pan walked slowly and silently through the night, his pipes hung low across his chest. The Moon would be full that night and the mist hovered low. His hooves left tracks in the damp earth as he headed for his grotto.

He strolled leisurely through the grove. Plucking the fruit from the vines that hung heavy with their harvest. A sorrow imbued his heart and loneliness surrounded him. He yearned for Selene, the beautiful Goddess of the Moon. Would she return the love he longed to offer her? A gift for the Goddess, Pan thought. Yes, that would do.

Pan’s grotto emerged and the fire was started. The God lifted his pipes to his lips and blew three forlorn notes. One at a time, three great oxen appeared, bowed before the God and in that order stepped into the blaze. Pan threw the core of his fruit into the fire along with the branch of an Oak and the seed of a Fig.

Altogether, the smoke and fire raised high into the night, summoning the Goddess to him. The sacrifice was made and the request was complete. He waited at the opening of the great cavern. Firelight casting shadows across all that the light touched. Then, as moments passed, the light from above became more brilliant and intense.

The grove was a dazzling white illumination, too bright for Pan to gaze upon. He shielded his eyes from the radiance that surrounded him. And as quickly as it came, it also dispelled. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the changing glow, and then she appeared.

The pallid Goddess stepped forward. She appeared to float across the ground. Closer she made her way to Pan her paleness glowing around her. She approached Pan and lifted her hands to his. He made contact and a surge of passion overcame them both. The affection Pan felt was engulfing his insides. His chest ached with passion and devotion to the Goddess.

An unspoken look prompted Pan to break contact. He stepped back and once again lifted his pipes to his lips. He blew glorious notes at high pitches and from the fire came the striking white beast, the purest Ox. No finer gift for the Goddess could ever be given.

She approached the placid creature and ran her pale hand through its hair. A small smile lingered on her lips. A slight turn toward Pan and her eyes expressed her thanks. He bowed slightly to the Goddess, careful not to break eye contact. He straightened back up and together they walked into one another’s embrace.

All the night they worshiped each other. They gave and received each other’s pleasure. All the glory and splendor had them exhausted before dawn. Pan knew she must go and in her last moments, he played a song on his pipes. His song to her, Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. The notes were charming, delightful and as exquisite as the Goddess.

Then she rose, blowing a kiss to Pan as he played her song. She turned a whiter shade of pale before the light consumed her and she ascended with the brightness into the heavens. Pan continued to play until the Sun emerged.

The sparrow began to sing. The fox began to sprint and the frogs croaked. The morning verve was energetic and animated. Pan smiled to himself. Love filled his heart, his soul and the depths of his being. He will forever be sealed to Selene, the beautiful Moon Goddess.

Pan and Selene
Pan and Selene | Source


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    • Cera Horne profile image

      Cera Horne 5 years ago

      Thanks Tim!

    • tim30044 profile image

      Timothy 5 years ago from Lawrenceville, Georgia

      Well done, again.

    • Cera Horne profile image

      Cera Horne 5 years ago

      Thank you so very much!

    • HubPages Reviews profile image

      HubPages Reviews 5 years ago

      This is really nice...Yes, I also think you can do better than short stories. Well done!

    • Cera Horne profile image

      Cera Horne 5 years ago

      Ashley, I love you! You are TOO sweet!

    • profile image

      ACB 5 years ago

      Yet again, I was not disappointed by your story. You really do have a gift and I feel that you should persue it further than just short stories. :)