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Paranormal Column - Ghosts in the Internet

Updated on June 18, 2013

About the Paranormal

(Archived record of my LA Xpress NewsPaper Column)


Ghosts in the Internet

Are ghosts in the internet? It's a fascinating idea. What, after all, is the internet?

According to a few specialists I spoke with, it’s a series of electrical "blips" sent into a computer in "code." The base of all codes is "on" / "off" (like binary code). This is the same code the electric flashes in our brains operate on!

Now we see why scientists believe they can create artificial intelligence using electric internet codes to simulate the electric flashes and code patterns in our brains.

They may succeed. In fact, there have been times I felt as if the machines were "waking up." Have you ever noticed your computers or phones doing things on their own? Are these bugs in the programs, or are the machines waking up - or - could this be literal ghosts in the machines?

Or is it, perhaps, it a combination of all three?

My phone once typed out two specific words which I had never typed. I Googled the words. It was the name of a dead actress! I brushed this off as a weird coincidence. But it was much harder to brush things off when an email from my dead father arrived in my inbox one morning.

At the time, I was starting a new business growing medical marijuana. Unsure if I should proceed or not, or just attempt a new life entirely, I had fallen on my knees and prayed my eyes out begging everything and my dead father to give me an answer - what should I do? I asked, "Should I give up? Should I live a different life? Should I quit and not do this business?"

The next morning, while the cable guy did the internet install, I checked my phone and saw an email from my 5 year dead father. It was a forward of the second email he had ever sent me, teaching me how to email.

The subject of the email: "Try again" The body: "This is a different method of sending." Originally, he had meant "this is a different method of sending an attachment," but after his death it seemed to mean something quite different.

The rest of the email was a long essay he'd written. I hadn't read it when he first sent it to me. But now, I made certain to read it. The essay described the different ages of a culture and the products that sold or did well in those ages. It described that we were at the end of a culture, and that in this time period, "party" items like drugs and medications would prevail in sales.

Needless to say, his email sat me back on my heels. It appeared as if my dead father had sent me an answer. I showed the cable guy, who seemed quite scared out of his wits, and one of my friends at the time. Since, the forwarded email has disappeared from my inbox, although it stayed there for about a month. I still have the original email he sent me.

Could this be a computer glitch? I asked some computer people, who assured me that this was a very unlikely glitch, as no one has my dead father's email password. I filed this away in the back of my mind until I saw a yahoo article in which someone else felt they had been sent a highly pertinent email from a dead relative in the exact same manner as I had been.

This made me wonder. If our brains are made of electrical patterns, what happens to that electricity when we die? Does it remain somehow, with those same patterns? If we retain some sort of electrical self after death, would we be able to affect the internet, which is composed of electrical patterns much like the brain?

If ghosts can get in the internet and push electrical impulses to communicate with us - what does that say about the boundary between life and death? Is it possible we might be able to live forever in the machines as science fiction movies indicate?

If you had a supernatural event with a cell phone or the internet, please write: Sydney Silver co-hosts the Wild Man Bill radio show. Contact her with responses at on the website forum or her Facebook.


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