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About The Paranormal - Poltergeists

Updated on June 19, 2013

About the Paranormal

(Archived record of my LA Xpress NewsPaper Column)



In high school, my first possibly "poltergeist" experience happened. To this day, I barely believe it myself. The events were so sudden and so strange that I literally forgot that they had happened for a few years. The experience was so scary and shook me up so much that even now, details surrounding the event have remained a blur. I was in college and had more weird things happening to me, when I remembered this initial incident. How many of you out there also experience poltergeist events, and perhaps block them out of your minds?

It happened one day on the way home from school. I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the time, and I was attending Valley High School. I think I was a junior at the time, so I was 16 or 17 years old.I was hanging out with a girl named Delores. I didn't know her well. She had one of those Hispanic sounding last names, blonde curly hair, and white skin. She had a meek personality and didn't talk much. I had seen her in a few classes, and I believe she may have been in track with me. For the life of me, I do not remember why I was hanging out with this girl after school that day.

Her house was on my walk to and from school, as I would take the road up to a dead end alley, duck through a big cut in the school's wire link fence, and cross the track field to get into school.

For some reason, Delores and I were in her house that day. I was standing in her living room as she gathered some stuff up. I could see down a hallway to the kitchen, which had doors on either end of the hall. Suddenly, the door on the kitchen end of the hallway blew shut. It startled me, but Delores ignored it.

Then, it opened again. I had been a little surprised when the door first blew shut, but now I definitely was shocked. Then the door on the living room side blew shut and opened too! I stiffened - looked at Delores, who had also stiffened, but she continued to slowly gather her things.

"Delores - What the heck? Is there a draft in here? Your doors just blew shut and open again? Are you messing with me? WHat was that? Do you have strings on the doors or something? Are you playing tricks on me, Delores?" I demanded, scared and angry.

"NO!" she cried; her face was pale, lips trembling. "I'm not, I swear! How could I have pulled strings? You saw it! There are no strings, I'm right here! There's something in here, I hate it."

Her eyes filled with tears and her face with dread. And just at that moment, ALL of the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen started opening and closing! It was a huge clamor of utensils, pots, and pans! Delores and I screamed, ran for the door, took off out of the house!

I don't know what happened then. I vaguely recall telling Delores I did not ever want to come back to her house nor hang out with her again. We never spoke again for the rest of my high school career. I had known in my heart, the minute the doors started opening and closing, this was nothing normal. No string, no wind, could have done what I had seen. No one was hiding behind the doors. And once the kitchen fiasco started, it would have taken a mad scientist to rig that up, or several people hiding in the kitchen to do it - except - I could see into the kitchen and no one had been there. Deep down, I knew I had experienced something that scared me so deeply I couldn't even really believe it had happened.

Every single time something has happened to me like this since, I have done the same thing - become angry at the other person, felt tricked, tried to rationalize what was happening. Every time, I have no real explanation. What was that? What was that thing in Delores house that she hated so much, that would make her eyes and face fill with tears and dread so instantly? To this day I do not know.

IF you have any ghost stories, please send them to me at


Sydney Silver is a co-hostess on the Wild Man Bill Radio Show on 99.3 FM and She also runs a successful business selling cell phone service plans at and will be co-hostess at the wild night parties every First Monday of the month at 9 pm at Florentine Gardens.

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