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About The Paranormal - Symbols

Updated on June 19, 2013

About the Paranormal

(Archived record of my LA Xpress NewsPaper Column)



Ever since I could doodle, I've been drawing certain symbols over and over again. I did not know I was drawing symbols. I used to think the doodles were meaningless, but over time I've come to wonder about them more curiously. Some of the symbols I drew, became an obsession. It was almost as if I had an OCD twitch, some desire to constantly create these shapes. Perhaps others out there also feel compelled to draw symbols, and this article will make you aware that this is what you are doing.

When I was in my early 20s, I realized that the staff with a snake on it I had been doodling non-stop, was the universally recognized symbol for medicine and healing. This surprised me, seeing as when I was younger I had the notion I could put my hands on animals

and heal them if I wanted. I never put this to the test, deciding my idea was silly, and likewise, I blew off the idea that drawing this snake and staff had any special meaning to me. Instead, I decided I must have seen the symbol when young and that it just stuck with me somehow.

But then, when I was about 26 I realized with a shock, that one of the symbols I had been drawing with my hands, pencils, and feet - yes - I would trace the symbol non-stop with my

swinging foot in the air - was the sign of eternity, with an atom inside of it. I would put a circle right in the middle of this figure 8, with evenly spaced letter "S's" inside the circle, and two electron paths around the circle. It was as if I was drawing an electric atom right in

the middle of the eternity symbol. As soon as I realized this, I also realized I had been drawing the eternity symbol as a series of connected letters "S" in an never ending row of "8"s marching across all my school paper pages for years.

The realization of what I had been doing - drawing symbols - and what the symbol was, ended my need to draw it. My feet relaxed, people stopped asking what I was doing and why I was twitching my hands and feet!

From time to time, I would also draw a planet with rings around it, like a Saturn, and a crescent moon with a little star near it. Sometimes, I doodled a spiral but this one was done only on my face or hand with make-up. I do not know the meaning of this, but I now believe it's possible these are also symbols, not just doodles.

Later in life, visions of symbols or shapes I could make with my hands came to me. I knew what the shape meant to me, and sometimes, I would research the symbol and find out in shock that others had determined a similar meaning for such symbols. Some symbols even seemed to have double meanings that I could see, that perhaps others didn't understand yet.

I became fascinated in wondering how many people this happens to. Are there others out there, who experience this phenomenon? Is there anyone out there who feels compelled to draw or create symbols, whether you are aware this is what you have been doing or not?

How many draw symbols and are unaware of the commonly held meanings associated with these things? Has anyone out there drawn shapes, then either learned the meaning, or determined that it has a meaning not held by others?

If many of us are drawing symbols, is there a scientific explanation for such a symbol drawing obsession? Obviously, symbols only have the meaning that we determine they should have. I do not feel we should be frightened by symbols if we have been obsessed to draw something we do not like the accepted meaning of.

Instead, perhaps we should study these "symbol people" to see if they hold a common

thread. Is there a meaning to it? Is the meaning personal? Does it come from childhool experiences? Past lives? Are the symbols being beamed in by other non-human intelligences? Do other symbol drawers feel compelled to draw their symbols

until they learn what the symbol means?

I'd love to hear from anyone who has felt compelled to draw symbols in their life, or

people who think symbol drawing has nothing to do with anything supernatural. Am I alone?

Or are you out there?

Sydney Silver co-hosts the Wild Man Bill radio show in Los Angeles. Contact her with your responses at either on the website forum or her Facebook.

About the Paranormal - Symbols. By Sydney Silver, Photo of Original Printing in LA Xpress News Paper
About the Paranormal - Symbols. By Sydney Silver, Photo of Original Printing in LA Xpress News Paper


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    • SydneySilver profile image

      Sydney Silver 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you! :-)

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 4 years ago from USA

      Hi Sydney, these are some really fascinating hubs about paranormal stuff. Voted up and interesting.