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Parents and Society

Updated on May 2, 2016

Parents facilitate, for society, parents signify facilitation. Parents provide, for society, parents signify provision. Parents refine, for society, parents signify refinement. Parents, for society, facilitate enlightenment, enlightenment that is the child’s enlightenment. Parents, for society, provide truth, truth that is the child’s truth. Parents, for society, refine self, self that is the child’s self. However, the child’s enlightenment that parents facilitate, in truth, is false enlightenment. The child’s truth that parents provide, in truth, is false truth. The child’s self that parents refine, in truth, is false self.

Parents, in truth, do not facilitate the child’s enlightenment for the enlightenment they facilitate, is the society’s enlightenment, the unenlightened society’s enlightenment, that is false enlightenment. Parents facilitate false enlightenment, thus, the child’s enlightenment, parents obstruct. Parents, in truth, do not signify facilitation. Parents signify obstruction.

Parents, in truth, do not provide the child’s truth for the truth they provide, is the society’s truth, the untruthful society’s truth, that is false truth. Parents provide false truth, thus, the child’s truth, parents withhold. Parents, in truth, do not signify provision. Parents signify withholding.

Parents, in truth, do not refine the child’s self for the self they refine, is the society’s self, the self-negating society’s self, that is false self. Parents refine false self, thus, the child’s self, parents terminate. Parents, in truth, do not signify refinement. Parents signify termination.

Parents, whose enlightenments are obstructed by the unenlightened society, obstruct the child’s enlightenment. Parents, whose truths are withheld by the untruthful society, withhold the child’s truth. Parents, whose selves are terminated by the self-negating society, terminate the child’s self. The unenlightened society makes unenlightened parents, unenlightened parents that make the child the unenlightened child. The untruthful society makes untruthful parents, untruthful parents that make the child the untruthful child. The self-negating society makes self-negating parents, self-negating parents that make the child the self-negating child.

Enlightenment, parents obstruct. False enlightenment, parents facilitate. Truth, parents withhold. False truth, parents provide. Self, parents terminate. False self, parents refine.

Parents and Society

Ae Clane


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