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Participating in a Writing Contest

Updated on April 21, 2012

Some people might think that a writing challenge is an easy thing, but it truly is not. Once I get going on a topic, then I am not too bad, but trying to find to find a topic to write about is a challenge in and of itself.

Not only can it be difficult to find a topic, but if you then want to optimize it for the web, that is something else entirely. While I do have some files full of keywords that I can write on, sometimes those ideas do not appeal to me or maybe the words in there just are not working for what I am thinking. For that reason, a lot of my writing is not optimized and is just not performing how it should. And really, because I am doing some of this writing as a way to make money, it really does defeat the purpose of writing.

The hub challenge isn’t necessarily about making money for me, it’s more about getting some content onto Hubpages as well as challenging myself to sit down and write each day. But of course, the money that may come from it is a nice little bonus.

I ran out of ambition last week but I am currently working on getting caught up and hopefully will keep myself on track and writing each day as I should. The month is half over and I’m sure I can manage to keep up with it. I did have some crazy things going on last week which is part of why I fell behind, and I partly fell behind due to being lazy. But really, writing 400 words in this type of style does not take me that long once I know what to write on. Maybe you can tell that when you read this.

At some point, I may go back through some of my articles and try to optimize them for earnings but I am not sure if that will be worth the effort due to the type of articles these are. They are much more general and conversational and likely would not meet much of the needs of someone looking for the types of keywords that I might add to them. Plus, with the changes in the search engine algorithms, I am not really sure what is working these days and what is not.

How do you feel about a writing challenge? Hard? Easy? Or something in between?


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