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Passing By The Cross

Updated on December 29, 2011

Passing By The Cross Pretext

Living a life away from familiarity is one thing, and living a life away yet with a passing moment of familiar pastures each day is but an underestimated challenge that is shaking to the core. We all experience this at some moment/s at some places at certain times...

Passing By The Cross

I pull myself together for my beginnings everyday
I clear my head to reattempt breathing along the way
I smell a new air of suffocation each breathing moment
I squirm and anticipate the approach of familiar lament
I arrive at the Cross yet I'm only passing by
I see the old meandering, meek lane and I try
To look past the majestic embraces' enchanting eyes
In my attempt to find the lost paths in Holy cries
The lost moments I found are alas shortlived drops
Of dews thus unsettled in my realities of dead crops
And I move on to other pastures careless for more loss
Contemplating the next time passing by the holy Cross


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