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Passion of Our Creator

Updated on August 6, 2011

Why He Loves

As a child, i remember the time that I stuck a nail in my foot and how I cried in pain for a long while until my father removed it. Another time I stepped on shards of glass and received a nasty cut. The pain was almost unbearable then. I was only a child. Later, I experienced the excruciating pain of a broken ankle while playing sports at school. I yelled at the top of my lungs for several hours until I could get pain medicine at the hospital. Later I experienced a spinal injury and operation and the pain was horrible that I experienced then. I try to imagine what our Christ must have experienced before he was nailed on the cross and later as he hung there bleeding, his arms being pulled from their joints by his weight. In my pain, I somehow knew that there was hope for me in being relieved from my anguish and hurting. Our Christ had no hope of having his suffering removed. He knew what the future held for Him.

Our Creator saw the bad in man and knew that with this harmful characteristic, the conscience that he placed within his heart and soul must be reconciled. There had to be a way that man could forgive himself of his misdeeds and at the same time his creator could forgive him. Sacrifice of valuable items and animals were part of a way of giving up something in order to gain favor and blessing of God. God demonstrated to man that He would give His own greatest sacrifice in the form of His own Son so that man could see his works and be saved . The soul and spirit of man could then go to the great light and spirit from which we were all created in the beginning. Those who chose not to accept the Son and forgiveness of sinful ways or bad acts, were not to be accepted into what we accept as heaven. Would a clean garment not be placed on our backs instead of a filthy one? We all have the choice of what we wear or choose to place on our bodies. Our creator made us all and gave us this same choice to make for ourselves. This is the beauty of our creation. WE have a choice. Christ was sent and given in sacrifice so that we may follow and see the light and right way. We as fathers and mothers have the greatest of love and affection for our children that we brought forth to live upon this earth. Does our Father in heaven not have that same love for each of us? We've been taught that no greater gift does a man have than to give up his life for another. Is that not what our Christ did for us all.

The smiles of our newborn baby greets us as we hold it warmly in our caring arms. We love it with all our hearts and souls and would do anything to protect it and keep it safe. That is the same love that our Father has for us and He shows it everyday of our lives. The wonderful and most precious gift of life itself, is what our creator has given us, as well as all the other beautiful life on this planet. He has also given us the right to even doubt Him as our creator, as some do in our world. What more unselfish and caring act could our father do than to give us all the right to choose? That is what true love is all about.

Every thing, good or bad, must have a beginning and an end. Our very existence shows this to us in many ways. Our Sun gives light and then it is dark, a flower blooms and then it dwindles on the vine, and we are born and then later perish. The souls or spirit of us all never perishes for we go to be with the beautiful bright light of our Creator. That is His way and it is the way of all creation.


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