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Paul and Pat

Updated on June 26, 2015

You people keep blaming me without seeking to understand why i had to do what i did. You see, there is never a smoke without fire and i would have let her go,i wanted to allow her go on with him but this is a girl i have known all my life.

She was the brightest thing in my life and i vowed to rather burn in hell to keep her safe,i pledged allegiance to heaven above to love her as long as I breathe and she knew it that was why in return for my love, she accepted to marry me when we grow up. I was 16 and she was 14.

We did everything together and the friendship between our families cemented our attraction for each other though none of our parents knew what was going on between us, to them they believed that we were friends because of our families but Pat's mum knew that it was more than that because she always joked that we both will make great couple in future and she look forward to that.

After university, i decided to travel to USA for my speciality while she got employed as a staff nurse in a local hospital,

Life in USA was so different from home so somehow i decided to stay after my program and my entire plan was for her to come over but while planning,i got ill and was diagnosed of cancer,i didn't hide it from her and she was always at the other side of the phone every night saying the grace for me then all of a sudden she stopped calling and all effort to reach her was in vain.

Two years past so quick and by now i was certified cancer free so i decided to travel back home,my arrival date coincided with her wedding date,she was about to marry another man of which i accepted as my fate because if it wasn't meant to be,it will never be. She wanted to see me when she heard that i was coming down , she wanted to explain why she decided not to wait any more,she wanted to live without any guilt.

It was pressure from her father whose interest was to gain access to the Senator so he pressed her to accept Mike and abandon me, i understood and was willing to let her go since they have gone that far but she held my hand and told me that she doesn't want to marry Mike, she soaked herself in tears and begged me to rescue her,she had kept herself all along and had refused to let him in,she told me that she was not happy and will never be happy with him because seeing me rekindled what we began sharing from 5 and 7.

I was move but all i could do was to hold her hands and say the grace with her.

My intention was to see him and iron things out with him like a man, it was just four hours to their wedding and i didn't want to spoil the day despite Pat's plea. I wanted to make sure that Mike is ready to take care of her,if not what stops me from walking into the wedding hall and stop the wedding but i chose to be a gentle man.

Everyone knew that i was around and almost everyone knew that there was a problem because the situation in Pat's family house wasn't what you see in a bride's house on her wedding day, she refused to dress up and even vowed to kill herself if persuaded to go on with the wedding. The situation spread so quick and as i was about to drive out,Mike drove in with his best man who happened to be a good friend of mine too.

He doesn't know me in person but without being told,he knew who i was the moment Chris called my name,getting down from my car was simply to greet Chris,not even him though i wanted to see him,i never got down to begin a flex with him but slapping me in public was outrageous but i controlled myself then immediately realized that he wasn't the right guy for Pat. You don't become violent in a situation such as this.

I looked at him and the only thing that came to my mind was to protect Pat so i walked back into the house and went straight to her and simply asked her what she intend to do after today and she told me that what she will do was to marry me,i reminded her about our last day together before i left for USA because on that fateful day,she promised that only death would stop her from being my wife. I then told her that i will leave for a while but will come back in few hours to fetch her.

I left the house but warned Mike to stay away from her. She was bold to tell him in his face that the wedding was canceled because her man is back,she told him how bitter she has been and how their parents arranged their union, and once it's not from the heart, it will never be because nothing on earth will make a gentle man to hit a woman so raising his hand on her that day was nothing but the end of the story.

Well, the story didn't end there because i was blamed, why do you blame me for this situation or haven't you heard of sacrifices and choices we make in life? Our story began when we were 5 and 7, and Mike was one bad omen we overcame to become couple .


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