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Pay Attention To Your Government (Poem)

Updated on February 13, 2015

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I Hope You Get This Before It's Too Late

I'm starting to think,
we've "all" been deceived,
into thinking be positive,
it's what will wake you-up from your sleep.
Truth is,
that is a lie,
which is why,
every man who has stood up has died.
Why did they go and take-out Malcolm X?
Then why did they give 3 bullets
to JFK on his neck face and chest?
Because these were "actionable" beings,
they weren't thinking positively
like Martin Luther King.
They were speaking the truth,
and now,
every-one's basically a prune,
including me,
what the "fuck" was I thinking?
They tricked us all,
they wanted us to fall,
thinking this was the way,
even though in the beginning,
we knew it was bullshit there was nothing to gain!
So what do we do now?
The end is almost near,
look at how these governmental systems are spreading laws
as-if we're a living sin.
We gotta WAKE-UP!
And take an actionable step,
like Malcolm X
and every famed-celebrity who spread,
against the system,
we now gotta pay attention to these systems,
and watch their EACH and every-step,
make-em realize "we're" in charge,
people make an effort to do your best,
don't let em make us stressed,
the power is in the people
so we gotta unravel ourselves from this mess.
Let's take action,
pay attention to your illusionary-leaders who think,
they're in-control,
or else we're all going to be extinct.

© 2015 PoeticPhilosophy


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