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Peace of Mind

Updated on December 16, 2011

Starting the day with music in my ears

Take a shower and wash away my fears

This is a ritual, I’ve been doing it for years

Walk out the door and put my glasses on

I'm so far away that it seems like I'm alone

Sunny but it's still cold, you feel it to the bone

Walking away ain't no knowing where I'm going

But I do know it's better place than this

A paradise, utopia, a place where I'm fearless

Where life is easy and war is needless

All the stress you feel daily is no longer there

A sense of peace that nowhere else can compare

A place without pain, you'll never shed a tear

If your looking for me, you can find me here

And you can have what u want get what u think

Like a sushi bar and a hundred sprite because that's what I drink

Or cars houses and jewelry any kind of stuff

A place so good you can never get enough

But you have to find it, which can be tough

But it's somewhat confined, but designed

So that even the blind can find

It, is divined, to all of mankind

It's combined and entwined and never unlined

I should not need to remind, you not to be unkind

Just unwind sit on your behind

And this place can be found deep inside your mind


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