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Updated on February 24, 2010


I've always loved
a good pear,
hanging side by side,
just within my reach,
the tender skin enticing,
the sweet nectar of
love in bloom.

Watching them tumble
in an October dance
falling face up together
on a bed of soft leaves.
or suspended in
sun dappled splendor,
ripe for the plucking.
No flower of youth
is better represented,
then these lovely fruit.

Sometimes freckled
from the sun,
but always plump
and delectable,
I've always loved a pair.


O~ Q  O~ O< Q





The L Of One.

The hell of one
one O short of hell-o
just silence though,
my soul is a lifeboat
set free from a

sinking relationship
lest I drown in an ocean
of saline shed,
my lips bone dry
for the want of her kiss.
my heart marooned
on an I--land of one
my last message to her
bottled up and tossed
across waves of despair,
only to return
in the low ebb of two lips
muttering to the silent walls.






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      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      oh dear that is unbearable