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Updated on March 15, 2011



Like wallflowers on prom night
they all stand around
against the white walls
where most usually perch
in tuxedoed splendour,
black velvet tails draped
elegant in appearance
as they form a parade
on their huge iceberg float
in their wibble-wobble fashion
for they seldom dance too well
on clumsy webbed feet
but they do love to sway
to the songs of the sea
quite flightless and ungainly
when they're standing upright
they huddle in masses
and watch the waves prance
with their icy stares fixed
on it's motions before them
Yet they soon belly dance
when they're moved by the urge
to get just a bit fiesty,
to glide, slide, and dip
with the ocean's smooth curves
in a flash like old photos
in black and white blurs
they sail to and fro
frolicking with the waves
while plucking fresh fish
from the massive buffet
mother nature's prepared
in the salt broth she stirs
in a bubbling surf
that keeps them all nicely plump
when each has had it's fill
then it's back to ice walls
where they'll stand dressed to kill
till a big school of fish
offers them the next dance.
 ( .. )

 /(  )\
 /(  )\
  \  /
( .. )
/(  )\
\(  )/
 /  \

( .. )
/(  )\    

/(  )\
 \ /



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