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Percy Jackson and The Olympians- Review

Updated on March 24, 2015

The adventurous pentalogy is about Greek Gods and demigods who witness the rise of the titans. It is told from Percy Jackson’s perspective, who is the son of Poseidon and is destined to either be the rise or the downfall of Olympus. More than 20 million copies of the series have been sold. There are 3 graphic novels and 4 supplementary books; Demigod Files, Demigod Diaries, The Ultimate Guide and Demigods and Monsters.


He has been kicked out of every school he’s been in. He messes up everything he does. But when he is given a magical sword by Mr. Burner to kill his algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, who turns out to be one of the three Furies, surprisingly, he is able to. However everyone seems to have forgotten everything. Adding to the unexpected turn of events in his life, a Minotaur attacks him and kidnaps his mother, Sally. He wakes up after 3 days expecting all of the strange events to be a dream, but realizes he is in Camp Half Blood. The first thing he sees is his best friend, Grover, with goat legs. Mr. Burner is half horse and this camp teaches children how to kill. And now Zeus, the king of the gods thinks that Percy has stolen his lightning bolt.

Only way to save his mother is by proving his innocence or else there will be war between the gods and the earth will be the battleground. His mother is with his uncle Hades who wants the lightning bolt for himself. Percy has no training but leaves with Grover and Annabeth, daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom. On the way to hell (Hades’ realm) they are attacked by more monsters, all after the lightning bolt Percy doesn’t have. Their quest doesn’t end when they reach the underworld; instead, Hades sends them to retrieve the master bolt and his stolen weapon from whoever stole it or else Sally’s life will be in danger. As Percy, Annabeth and Grover overcome all obstacles and try to prove Percy’s innocence; they realize that the theft of the bolt is part of a much bigger conspiracy, which may result in the downfall of the Olympians if they are unable to retrieve the bolt before the summer solstice.


Percy has decided to stay with Sally and go to school instead of going to CHB, where he is attacked by a group of Laestrygonians because he is a demigod (It’s quite normal for demigods to be attacked by monsters. The only safe place for them is Camp Half Blood because it is protected by Thalia’s tree which prevents any monsters or humans from entering the camp). His best and only friend (in school), Tyson turns out to be a Cyclops and his half brother.

Annabeth helps Percy fight them and takes the two sons of Poseidon to camp which is under attack by two bronze Colchis bulls because Thalia’s tree, has been poisoned, leaving the camp vulnerable to enemy attacks. The only way to save the tree is the Golden Fleece, which is with the Cyclops Polyphemus in the Sea of Monsters, aka Bermuda Triangle. Clarisse is chosen to go on this quest but Percy, Annabeth and Tyson run away from camp to get the Golden Fleece themselves and rescue Grover, who is Polyphemus’ captivity. On the way they come across Luke’s army of monsters, being made to defeat the Olympians and restore Kronos’ place as the king again. On the way, they are captured by numerous monsters and Percy is turned into a guinea pig.

Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Clarisse get to the Sea of Monsters despite Luke following them and creating problems but bigger troubles await them on the island.


When Percy, Annabeth and Thalia go to Westover Hall to get two demigods- Bianca and Nico di Angelo, they come across the Artemis (goddess of hunting) and her Hunters. But nothing comes easy to half bloods; they are attacked by a manticore who kidnaps Annabeth. Even Artemis goes missing while hunting a rare creature that can eradicate Olympus. Thalia, Zoë, Bianca, Grover and Percy must find and rescue both Annabeth and Artemis before the winter solstice because her vote is essential for making a decision.

All this being a part of the scheme to bring the gods down, they must be rescued immediately as (1) their problems grow as the Titan’s start looking for the creature and (2) Titan king Kronos’ powers start to develop. A man called ‘the General’ sends skeletal tigers after them, adding to the number of monsters they need to fight. Going around the country for their rescue mission, they pass the gods’ dump yard with giant bronze men and Aphrodite (goddess of love) who confuses Percy about his relationship with Annabeth.

The death of one of them makes this quest more difficult but they must go on and lift the Titan’s Curse from Artemis and place it on who had it in the first place to free the goddess and set things right (well, as right as they can get with the most powerful Titan on the rise who has sworn to destroy the gods and the world).


Another school year starts with Percy being attacked by the monsters, empousai but this time instead of Annabeth, Rachel helps him (She is a human but can see through the mist). The ever increasing Titan army seeks Dedalus, the creator of the vast labyrinth spreading under the country, to get a thread that will let them navigate the labyrinth, so they can find the entrance opening in Camp Half Blood and attack the demigods. When Annabeth hears the prophecy from the Oracle, regarding a child of Athena and a ghost king, she decides to take Percy, Grover and Tyson on the quest to find Dedalus and get the thread so that Luke cannot get it.

But navigating the labyrinth is nowhere near easy. They need to pass a lot of extremely dangerous and difficult obstacles and get to their destination before Luke. Apart from Dedalus, Grover also needs to find Pan (God of nature) before he dies.

However when they get separated, navigating the labyrinth becomes even more difficult and they need Rachel’s help. Against Annabeth’s wishes, Percy takes her help and Rachel helps them defeat Kronos, who is possessing Luke’s body, by a plastic hair comb. The Camp is under attack even though they went on the quest and now only Mrs. O’Leary and Grover’s pipes can help them.


Percy bids his mom and her boyfriend, Paul Blofis goodbye as he leaves for war with the Titans, monsters and Demigods who turned (half bloods who were neglected by godly parents which means pretty much all of them). The Titan Army attacks Manhattan to get to the Empire State Building, where Olympus resides. Already their numbers are lower than the Titan Army when the obnoxious Clarisse and all of the Ares Cabin refuse to fight

And now the Titan Army has unleashed a monster that only the children of Ares can fight. The fight becoming more and more difficult by the moment, the Gods are not available to help them protect Olympus because they are busy fighting even bigger monsters. As the mortals of Manhattan sleep under Morpheus’ (God of Dreams) spell, the demigods fight to protect Olympus. They are continually being pushed back as the rivals advance and threaten to take over Olympus and thus, the whole world.


Rick Riodran’s fast paced, thrillingly funny series is a good read. It is all about monsters and mythological heroes and Greek Gods, who now reside in the Empire State Building instead of Greece. The storyline is full of adventure and Rick Riodran’s humor and original. While reading this, you get to know loads of Greek Mythology and monsters, which is surprisingly not boring at all because Seaweed Brain’s (Percy) the one telling us stuff. While both Annabeth and Percy have mixed feelings for each other, they are confused till the 4th book, but finally start dating. Their relationship is very cute and kind of amusing for the reader as Percy gets kissed by Annabeth and Rachel. The mythological series is a must read for anyone who wants a good action book with a lot of humor, and no deep literature stuff, just fun.


The movies, Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters star Logan Lerman as Percy and Alexandria Daddario as Annabeth.

Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase
Grover Underwood
Grover Underwood
4 stars for Percy Jackson and The Olympians

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    • Hansika Sachdeva profile image

      Hansika Sachdeva 3 years ago from India

      Welcome! I also love Percy! The Heroes of Olympus is amazing too!

    • profile image

      Annabeth Chase 3 years ago


      I LOVE the PJO books! I have read them all, and I own every single book in the series! I am currently on The Lost Hero, first book in the Heroes Of Olympus series! I AM OBSESSESED! Thanks for the article!

      - AC