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Passionate Poetry

Updated on April 17, 2016

Perfection of Beauty

The heavens that flow through your hair dares to compare with the compassion that lies deep in your eyes. Your lips are of cherry, your kiss, so deep and caring. touch the touch of the gentle swaying river of your arms that surround me. Your body is of timber. The forest, strong, fierce, and tender. Your heart is kind. Your lips, your eyes, you, your mine.

When the trees give expression to wipe the dew from their brow, I will be here as I am here now. When the heavens feel pain, I am here and will remain. When you are sad, and you have to cry your gentle tear, rain on me, for I am here.

With the wind whistling through my autumn leaves, natures morning dew will release. When the sun bakes upon the golden earth, I will remember your smile with every new creations birth. Please never forget the bonding that has kept us together, compared to the beautiful snow covered mountains that will never crumble. To the great, mighty oaks that will never bend. As long as we are together, the meaning of life will never end.

A New Love

A light fell on my shoulders, a love came into my heart. I peered out through the blinders, my body in the dark. A voice called my name, and broke the silence. I did not intentionally listen to my heart, a pillow I lied under to cover my ears. I closed my eyes and asked God to vanish my fears. The shadow he cast, ran across my face. The sun shone through those little cracks of my heart, when the pain started to erase.

I closed the door to the memories that slept in my head. My goal was to shut out the world, my hunger fed. When I opened my eyes the blinders had disappeared, and the sun could shine in. For then I knew that someone cared, you painted a new picture, a mural on my wall. You gave me a smile and my name you called as you reached for the door marked happiness. You and I, a new love.

Valentines Day

There is no special time to say I love you. There is no special time to say I care, just remember darling it is always special to me, when you are near. Today is a special day to remember. I hoped and prayed that we would be together. I realize, maybe, it is not forever, but I wanted to say that I need you on this special day. Always be mine, my valentine.

Tear Drops

Tear drops are falling onto my pillow, falling forever from the great weeping willow. You are never around, but they keep falling and falling, never making a sound. They develop from my eye, resume a waiving hand, and then they say goodbye. The dribble helplessly down my cheek. It goes on and on, but why do they keep falling?

Suddenly they begin to cry and cry, and cry some more. forever within themselves They fall, every last one of them fall and hit the floor. To be lost ever more. They knew their life would shortly come to an end, so sad. To never love again.

Love is the Search

I am sick of getting the end of the rope, I am sick of loving you with out any hope. I am sick of treating you so good, I try to stop loving you. I wish I could. You will not get out of my mind, I am searching for a heart that I know, I will not find. I am tired of dreaming, dreaming does not work. Only nightmares Intrigue me. Day dreams deceive me. My soul is on prowl and love is the search.

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    • k2jade31 profile image

      Kimberly Shelden 5 years ago from Idaho

      Awww- thanks my sweet!

    • profile image

      !~S.K.P~! 5 years ago


      You are an amazing writer, I don't have your amazing talent

      because I was gifted in other things, you on the other hand

      have this talent and I want you to not be saddened that you

      can't do certain things, but express and rejoice in your

      amazing talent!!! love you always, Samantha P.