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"A Perfect World"

Updated on May 20, 2022
manlypoetryman profile image

Just me, explaining myself through Poetry words. Words that have been in my head for years. Now inviting you to read and see what you think?

Everyone has to be the same and agree with exactly what everyone is saying in the Comment "A Perfect World"
Everyone has to be the same and agree with exactly what everyone is saying in the Comment "A Perfect World"

In a "Perfect" World...we are surrounded by perfection...

Though...a few comments may have slipped through without detection.

To know it all...and then go forward...and thus proclaim...

Makes one believe they're "perfect" just the mention of their name.

You state something on the internet...

And a thousand more "perfect" people will can bet.

Have you heard the latest news?

Better make sure you have a PHd in other people's views.'ll get blown out of the the end of your sentence...

Then your justification will be shown to be mere pretense.

"Perfectopia"...Oh, you have seen it and know it well...

We are surrounded by perfection...from so many...Can't you tell?

A perfect world has been made...this man...

It has happened while we were sleeping...all part of an elaborate plan.

Each one knew they had it within... one could fully comprehend.

We are surrounded by perfection...and we just didn't know it...

The people all around us have always had the answers...thus says this Poet.

We have just been too dumbfounded...and perpetually behind...but now we know...

That the ones in "Perfectopia" have decided to bless us with their intellect and even more so.

Glad to know that we conquered...being perfect to such a high degree...

That you know so much more about everything in the Universe...than poor little me.

What a wonderous thing to know...that everyone knows everything there is to know...

And there were so many perfect people...just hanging out on the planet...that were incognito. know so much...and state it so very well...with misspelled cuss words...

You troll around like an angry shark...waiting to spout-off incomprehensible blurbs.

Your intelligence is found lacking...and your grammar atrocious...

You get slammed down again and again...yet you come back once more...boisterous.

Your arrogance exceeds anything measurable...

Your diction is beyond what could even be described as: "terrible"!

Yet...even with all of this...that I've said...

You have typed out your text responses until your fingers bled.

For a new internet world I search...through every website posted...

To find a place where comments are made where people aren't angry...or have boasted.

A peaceful place...out somewhere on an electronic computer connection...

Where people can learn to get along...and not face so much dang rejection!

You say red...I say it is crimson...You say black...I say it's dark gray...

Who really wins the argument the end of the day ?

Later on someone reviews all comments made...and says: "Man, what were they smokin' " ?

"Are you kidding me...What in the world are they saying...Seriously...They must be jokin' " !

Each one spends so much time on their reply...trying to make it sound so right...

To have someone ridicule...about how stupid they've been...on the following night.

Then...back and forth...let the battle...once again...commence...

Unless you're not in the heated exchange...while you sit straddling the fence.

The War of Words has started again...and gone into another inning...

"What the heck were we debating in the first place...Let's scroll back to the beginning.

For on and on...night after night...and day after day...

Many more vicious grumblings appear on the comment section that cannot be wiped away.

It begins to pile up until the original work...looks like a pile of junk...

Oh well...Welcome to "Perfectopia"...Who would have ever thunk !?!


© 2013 ManlyPoetryMan


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