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Personal Commercial- Journal Challenge, Day 18

Updated on April 22, 2015
At The Source prayer line annual Praise on the Lake Sunrise Service in Chicago.
At The Source prayer line annual Praise on the Lake Sunrise Service in Chicago.

I chose the “free write” journal option today so that I can complete two assignments in one. On The Love Journey, Inc. prayer line, we were assigned to write a commercial selling us to ourselves. If you are interested in hearing about the “Three Rules of Love” and how to write a commercial about yourself, click this 9/17/12 recording link. We also reviewed the information, gained clarity and shared some of our beginning efforts on the 9/18/12 recording. Commercials will be shared on Praise Report Friday, 9/21/12. Feel free to join us at 712-432-0900, access code 772719#.

My Re-Baptism.
My Re-Baptism.
Childhood friends, neighbors and schoolmates reunited and celebrating in Atlanta.
Childhood friends, neighbors and schoolmates reunited and celebrating in Atlanta.

My Commercial

Meet Jo Anne Meekins

Jo Anne Meekins praises and
worships God passionately;
and she's God’s gracious gift
from above.
She is an effective,
powerful prayer warrior
and a jubilant expression of
God’s unconditional love.

She's an exceptional
encourager of others
in their faith, dreams and lives.
She is a blood-washed sinner
saved by grace
through her Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ.

Jo Anne Meekins possesses
inner and outer beauty,
exuberantly radiant with
God’s love, light and joy.
She is blessed to be a blessing
to men, women, girls and boys.

Jo Anne’s presence brings
empathic comfort;
her gentle touch can
energetically heal.
Jo Anne Meekins is
one with God, the Father
and she is Holy Spirit sealed.

Jo Anne Meekins is favored by God,
anointed for greatness and to serve.
The desires planted within her
compassionate, love-filled heart
are manifesting and well deserved.

Jo Anne Meekins is an
appointed inspirational writer,
who can expertly pen a poetic phrase.
She joyfully dances, uninhibited
in intimate devotion,
with her body in motion
and her hands raised.

Sharing my poetry at a church program.
Sharing my poetry at a church program.

Jo Anne Meekins is faith-filled by
the milk and meat of God’s word;
Jo Anne daily applies it to her life because
she believes what she has heard.

Jo Anne is peaceful and protected,
Jo Anne is fearfully and wonderfully made;
Jo Anne Meekins is a
courageous, chosen vessel,
Christ-minded and sweetly saved.

Divinely Inspired 4 U,
Jo Anne Meekins stepped out in faith
to purposefully live.
Jo Anne is a precious child of God,
who freely and abundantly gives.

Jo Anne Meekins is
more than a conqueror,
overcoming challenges every day.
Jo Anne transparently shares her transformational journey,
trusting God will always make a way.

It is important for a healthy self-esteem to love yourself and be able to sell yourself to you and others. To write your own commercial, put your best qualities on paper and write about yourself in an uplifting, motivational way. Write down what makes you unique and a great person to know. Daily practice your commercial out loud in front of the mirror and read it silently several times a day. Tell it and sell it!

NOTE: Write Here, Right Now: 30 Day Journaling Challengeday 18 complete. Thank you, God!

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins


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