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PhD on "Facebook - The Real and Unreal"

Updated on August 21, 2012
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Maria is from Melbourne, Australia. She writes poetry and song lyrics collaborating with musicians who give life to her words through music.

For years I’ve been studying for my PhD

The topic: “ Facebook - The Real and Unreal”

I learned many things which I shall proceed to reveal

Some interesting revelations which will hopefully appeal

Firstly I must mention

The power behind the profile picture

That ideal view of our personal image

So easily manipulated to make us look richer

Then of course we update our "Status" daily

Those thought provoking messages which disclose our anxiety

And make friends think we’re clever or immature maybe

Or perhaps serve to keep our popularity from all but fading

Of course to offer some provocation

We hit “Poke” occasionally to liven the situation:-

“Hey, I’m thinking of you friend - just saying”

I believe it’s a cyberspace good ol’ fashion waving

Now I have a theory about the “Like” facility

Is that our way of acknowledging our friends ability

To choose a You Tube worth listening to

And hopefully have an element of surprise to boot?

What about all those clever photos of pets we see?

The ones about dogs are my favourite indeed

I adore canines so I favour them the most

And so it goes that I love any doggy post

Have you seen a John Doe who has fallen in love?

He is quick to post photos of himself from the past

When his body was toned and he sported dark hair

He begins to feel virile when he finds a lady who cares

As for Jane Doe the flirty femme fatale

She attracts many men from every Continent or Isle

There is no shortage of her kind who would stir the love pot

To each man caught in her web, she gives a personal time slot

Yes love and romance do abound

In this new global community I’ve found

Emotions are alive and wildly saturated

It’s all so easy when you’re cyber-infatuated

But alas, there can be some genuine affinity

People do hit it off with instant compatibility

Definitely Dylan Freaks just have an understanding

Between fans of the Master there is instant camaraderie

I will end my thesis with the most intriguing utility

The “Block” button available to all who lack sensitivity

If you don’t like what Mr Facebook Friend said in the chat box

You can make him simply disappear just as fast as a fox

Why has Facebook become the lifeline of many?

It’s because you can socialize without it costing a penny

You can sit in your humble room late at night in your pyjamas

And you can chat online with someone from the sunny Bahamas

Facebook friends are very special indeed

You can converse at all hours if you’re in need

There’s always someone there to fill the lonely gaps

Who’s not prejudiced about your status or circumstance

© Copyright Maria D'Alessandro 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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