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Phoenix Rising

Updated on December 22, 2011

The world, it dont stop turning.

There ain't no time for breaking or burning.

Believe my words friend, and in happiness.

Because in the end, you end up with lonliness.

So hurry, get at it, while you're in your prime.

We gotta go, there ain't no space and time.

We got to keep our love alive & in the air.

We have existence, but thats all we share.

Yes, I may be sound,

But i'm coming down.

Your beauty is a colorful, tempting crown.

Gallantly i march, out into the shining light.

Another velvet morning transforming slowly into night.

Trust me, this ship is strong as the sea is vast.

And this storm will end, no, it will not last.

If heaven calls for you, I'm coming too, just like I said.

You leave, I'm better off dead.

But I'll be like a phoenix, rise straight to the light.

In and out of time, my burning fire destroys sight.

A wasted life is bitter spent, but the Earth has healing ways.

Dwelling in the sun's rays,

This sees me through my darkest days.

Butterflies in my dreams, its a neon wilderness.

But I am restless, just escaping for a new address.

Rise Phoenix, and do your best.

End the Genisis,

Begin the Exodus...


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