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Updated on December 8, 2013

Tell me ...

Would you use the jagged shards of glass to free me from this face? Wont you kiss me for the first time, with my hideously beautiful exposed bloody flesh? Can i bite off a chunk of your hart to nourish my fantasy? Do you taste the life blooming from dead desire?

 Bite your lips to jolt the static
 Electric paint splashing my brain's scenery
 Tug on my tongue rings with your teeth 
 Feeling you becoming me 
Closing my eyes to see through yours 
The stars are dripping paint drops and saliva

The moon is a red hot charcoal ember
Branding our sensations together
 Inhaling smoke
To share with each other
blowing out rings of stardust
Cosmically meditating in the swirling embrace of each others arms
Flash your lightning
Beat my heart
Ill sweat off your tears so you don't have to cry them
Ill swallow your fears to rid you of the taste 
Open all three eyes
Only blink
When you run out of breath

Inside beyond the walls of limitation, we will discover what weve forgotten
Inside we eat the fruit, no matter if its rotten


Another Day

Stop Tumbling Down the well
Wipe away the sweat
Let the last teardrop fall

Down to the last few coffee beans in the can
And your feeling strange
Your daydreams surprise you
Making friends with a spider

A peripheral love
Out of bounds in disarray
Triangles of light caught shimmering 
Out of the cracks in your tired eyes

Wake up and wipe the dust from your eyelids

Stir up the sugar crystals 
Supernovas Twirl 
As you mix up the steaming midnight brew

A sip of hot life
Magnetizes your pupils
Dragging me in
Locking my lips to your eris 

Glowing triangles
Our curiosities ponder  


© 2013 Skyler DeCristoforo


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