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Playa Poem

Updated on June 11, 2013

PLAYA (uncensored version)


He said he was a playa--not PLAYER

He said he wouldn’t be there for me.

But he sure did look nice

Fine-ass brother

With a clean whip

And a touch so unique

It made my toes twitch.

And he said he was a playa

He did not live by the rules

He told me he thought I knew

But he was sugar ‘n spice

---and damn---everything so nice

He could undress me

And make my body melt

into his

Shit, honey, he wasn’t shy

He could give it all

and then some

And, hell, he was playa.

I’d fallen for a playa.

Maybe one day he’d change

And quit messing around.

Playa, playa, freakin’ playa!



Playa (and not PLAYER)

But he could change


Was I supposed to sit back

And wait for that

fine-ass fool

to marry me? Hmph!

I should have known better.

But he said he was a playa.


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