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Playing Devil

Updated on November 12, 2015

GM (Genetically modified)

Mango tree, never grew a pine,
Why then challenge, the genuine?

Good Earth is still sustaining, human being,
Genetic engineering is playing, Devil to the divine.

By losing, delicate food chain, catastrophic results may be hard to contain,
Think again! Think again!

Diversity evolved, over a billion, a billion, will soon be common.
GM! no more ‘good morning’.

© 2015 Hari Prasad S


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    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 23 months ago from Bangalore

      The core of life which is gene, should not be meddled with.

      - Hari

    • profile image

      Vishnu 23 months ago

      Am too dumb on this subject.To me though close to the nature is simple and pure.

      Like GM for Good Morning

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago


      I absolutely agree, yet only if we follow this religiously and rigorously. Genetically modified foods have created a fictitious world and it is venomous. Pity to this technology - a goblet of poison it is.

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 2 years ago from Bangalore

      We can see lot of health issues that are again related to the food we consume which comes from GM. The problem is booming population but alternative have to thought of like compulsory training and support to native food growing in ones backyard or terrace. providing subsidy so that the stress gets reduced. Govt is worried about the food scarcity but preparing people for this is a way to go rather than investing on GM.

      (My opinion only). Thanks for your comments surabhi. :-)

      - Hari

    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago

      Bitter truth. Humans are playing with nature - not ethical. One could argue of course - two sides of one coin are evident.

      Beautifully written!