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Please Hold While You're Call Is Beeing Placed-

Updated on November 18, 2015

Spores escape, away into space...

Operator concentrator, interrogators erased,



Lines laced,

Tied double tight right??? Just in case,


systems engage...

Lights camera ignition, now, action- hit the stage,

Frequencies, display,

Green is go, lets go- escape into the game...



Frame, [same]

Of mind, [aligned], life survived, begin play,

We are not alone... Electric ears hear, divide, enslave,

'INVALID SOURCE' images portrayed,

Black, white... Gray,

Memory, save,

Engrained, etched, a stretch at best- laser waves,

Never heard of it??? Liam,

Got there on the 3rd day...

No sleep- anyways,

It's there I swear, in a hidden place...

Just off the beaten path, right in front of your face,

Look down at the ground [clown], life saved,

1up chuck, you've found stunz' blue legs...


Oka8 now onto the next level, hummm whatta ya say...


Correct, collect, paper, plate,

Cover, wait,

Prints, debate,

Dried, tea, or eat them straight,

Ingest & concentrate,


Across the universe in reverse, Hurst has nerves, learn to pump the brakes,

Galaxy wheels, surreal, after the meal, please lift seat backs and place tray's...

Airborne, up up & away...

Anything you can create...

So bee careful of what you dream, just remember, never hesitate,

Because the dirt is watching... And it knows your name...

Radio signal, 'on air', English lit- hot as a flame


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