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Poem: A Daughter's Breath

Updated on March 11, 2009

A Daughter's Breath

With her I lay
Intangible am I
Transparent am I
As she moves through me

The closer I get
Anticipating the next
Nuzzling deeper into God's Bosom,
I wait,
As she moves through me

Entranced I'm held
Calmly I trace her face in memory
Exchanging emotion while timelessly I wait
As she moves through me

A spontaneous touch livens me
Spiralling around the core we dance
Soul to soul
One with me
As she moves through me

Crystal I see the unobstructed truth
'tis I riding the ripple in the puddle of existence
Harmonics interlace as the universe revolves
While up close I feel the sun's warmth,
The distant touch of Cassiopeia
As instantaneously I am reborn
As closer to her I lay
While she moves effortlessly through me


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