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Poem About Work

Updated on June 29, 2012

A Poem About Work

I feel my boss's calculating
Glare, and breath on neck -
Those toxic fumes are saturating
I'm a nervous wreck.

He steps a little closer, moving
Now to where I sit
He barks my name (it's far from soothing,
Showers me with spit)

I turn to face him, nervous, dreading
Words I know he'll say
But still I hear his footsteps treading
My unlucky day...

"Please follow me, my office, quickly"
Comes the frightful boom
I stand and turn, my belly sickly
Shuffle to my doom

"I notice you've been here a decade" -
This, as he sits down
I silently build up a stockade
Hiding from his frown

But suddenly my fear has faded
Words are spilling fast
I'm throwing words in anger, jaded,
Standing up at last

His shocked expression serves as kindling
Fueling my rage
No time to backtrack, words ne'er-dwindling
Page on page on page

At last I peak and see his facial
Features frozen, shocked
My icy anger cold and glacial
Holding his gaze locked

And then he speaks, it's blurred at first, but
Soon becomes coherent
And as it sinks right to my gut
I notice his intent

"I see" - this first - "In which case" (strokes chin)
"I accept your notion.
But so you know, I brought you in
To serve you a promotion..."

Bored at work?


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    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 20 months ago from United Kingdom

      Great turnaround! Reminded me of my office days, many moons ago.

    • writeyourwrongs profile image

      John Crowley 5 years ago from Sheffield

      Sure Ralph - go right ahead

    • profile image

      Ralph Gordon 5 years ago

      Wow! Mind if I read this out at a presentation I'm giving on staff morale at work??