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Poem: Abstraction of Sin

Updated on August 1, 2012
'Death haunts the hospital In a heavy black cloak, Visiting Sin'
'Death haunts the hospital In a heavy black cloak, Visiting Sin' | Source

Abstraction of Sin

Lust dances in the bedroom

Wearing just her underwear,

Tempting Purity

Purity resists, scurrying off the bed

In her white dressing gown,

And looks for Help

Help provides advice from his booth,

Only his white collar visible in the darkness,

And forgives that moment of weak Gluttony

Gluttony searches the kitchen for truffles,

Her expensive bracelet catching the cupboard doors

As she hurries to find the companionable Sloth

Sloth is lazing on the couch

In his stripy blue pyjamas

Munching a packet of crisps with Greed

Greed steals the snacks from the table,

Bathed in mindless insanity

As he starts to show signs of Envy

Envy runs through the streets,

Emeralds in her hair,

Wishing she was a pretty as Beauty

Beauty, frightened, hides in the bushes,

Becoming covered in dirt;

This endeavour made her lose all Grace

Grace struts elegantly along the pavement

Until a car splashes water all over her pretty dress,

So she steams with vengeful Wrath

Wrath yells through the town,

His flaming hat red hot,

Because he can no longer control his Anger

Anger pushes through the crowds,

Burning at his heels,

Refusing to back down out of Pride

Pride holds his head high in the air

Wearing a crown of gold

Until it becomes too much of a Burden

Burden drags them all down to the pits,

Cuffed in manacles and chains

Where they will rot for Eternity

Eternity crawls through time,

Bound by watches,

Sick of never ending Life

Life waters the flowers in the garden,

In dungarees and thorn prickled gloves,

Before winter brings a chilly Death

Death haunts the hospital

In a heavy black cloak,

Visiting Sin

Sin rots in hell,

Consumed by a fiery blanket

As these strange images become an Abstraction.


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    • Vitallani profile image

      Bryony Harrison 5 years ago from UK

      Thank you, cokelley.

    • cokelley profile image

      cokelley 5 years ago from Fredericksburg, VA

      I really enjoyed this! I love how you made the abstraction notions of sin so concrete through your imagery and wordplay!