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Poem: Fallen Society

Updated on August 30, 2014

How does it feel

To live just like you

Always so afraid

Unsure what to do

Fear in the shadows

Fear in the sun

I refuse to live like that

If so, I'll be done

Afraid to go to school

What devil lies there

Afraid of the end

The world so scared

Afraid to lose liberties

We never truly had

I used to be angry

Now I am just sad

Society has fallen

Morals are gone

Children are different

Like they don't belong

Teenagers are entitled

Owed the world

Can't control anger

Spewing hate they hurl

Ban the very thing

To keep us alive

Our guns, our protection

Are you now satisfied

Do you feel safe

In the bubble called home

We have forotten who we are

And where we came from

New Poetry from Loca


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    • JyurriOukan profile image

      JyurriOukan 4 years ago

      I loved it, and the ways its written. Also, a perfect thing to write about. Good job.

    • Awilliams954 profile image

      Awilliams954 4 years ago from Deerfield Beach, Fl

      Love this :)