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My Faith...Pulling me Through

Updated on May 30, 2016

Watch out!

As I walk through each day I ponder, why do you ask me to change? Is it because you want me to be just like you or is it more sinnister and you think I'm loosing my mind? I am just one person . A soul on the face of the earth. Born to be me, not anyone else, just simple little ol' me! Oh, and because "I" was born, that's right: A Unique Individual. I have visions of Hope and Promise. Others around me see what I do NOT: That I am a leader. In this, I uniquely have my own individual thoughts and way of thinking.

See me: Fighting against what society says it's 'Okay' to be and Who I should be, holding to my "Faith in God" in spite of EVERYTHING come what may, focused on life and not what's in FRONT of me, pushing through the rough terrain to get where I need to be, yet do not see where it is I will be. Believing the evidence in the Word of God, Believing the Word of God, word for word. Going through trials, tribulations (Tragedies (3), Trauma's (2)) does not make me UNIQUE. But! Holding to my Faith in God, Returning to my "Faith in God", Reaching for the smallest piece of Hope when I can't find my way, Pulling characteristics from Good Samaritan's who have come my way to better myself?

Aaah! These indeed make me UNIQUE. For I choose to grab a hold of what I do not see and hold to what I can that is filled with Godly hope and Promise from the Word of God. It's a wonder to my mind, even now, how one of my teachers in the 9th grade (Shout out to the city of Tarzana, Ca) told me: "You are very Unique. Hold true to that." How Did She Know? And What Exactly Did She See In Me? It has been at instrumental moments like this day, that have become 'Precious Moments in time,' for my life in which I hold to what I know. So sweet and endearing. Having lived decades of my life with Faith put into action, helps to keep me in the center of the masters hands.

So, the next time you see me, why don't you grab my attention gently and ask: How can I increase my Faith in God, in order to pull me through life's days of madness?


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  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Hey there, Favourking!

    Keep up your writing momentum and take a second and "Third" glance at your writing material.

    Thank you for reading my post & glad you enjoyed it.

    Wishing you tons of writing success!

    Respectfully w/Blessings,


  • favourking profile image

    favourking 6 years ago from Ireland,Kildare

    see i wrote an aricule about God and i dont know if that is why google didnt accept my adsense account but i doubt . keep up the good job