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Poem- Hereward the Wake

Updated on December 10, 2015
The last Saxon hero, Hereward the Wake
The last Saxon hero, Hereward the Wake

As an exile he returned

To a land all raped and burned

Seeking vengeance for his people

The Normans had laid waste

To the Fens, his fields, his space

Took shelter under Ely’s steeple

Rebellion now on his mind

To fight for Anglo-Saxon kind

Seeking vengeance for his people

Anglo-Saxon King now dead

Duke William ruled instead

Rebels grew under Ely’s steeple

Harass, probe and then retreat

The Normans grew cold feet

Gave hope to his rebellious people

Anglo-Saxons gave applause

To his rally and his cause

An army gathered under Ely’s steeple

Duke William went to meet

His Norman army in retreat

Gave guidance to his people

No quarter to be given

“Kill them all, none to be living”

Dark clouds surround Ely’s steeple

Twas not an easy task

Through bog, mulch and marsh

To make battle against Saxon people

As they sheltered on an isle

With local knowledge as their guile

Saxons made defence of Ely’s steeple

For days and days they tried

To move Saxons from their isle

Divine help saves Saxon people

Some Monks that William swayed

To their people have betrayed

Safe passage to Ely’s steeple

Norman victory is in their grasp

Saxons battle to the last

The Exile fights for his own people

Battles on for Saxon’s sake

The last hero, Hereward the Wake

Honour remembered under Ely’s steeple


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